Stuffed Peppers, Italian Style; Links? Do we dare discuss links? — 19 Comments

  1. Good read, Katie. I remember when I started my blog and you were one of the kind bloggers who I exchanged links with (thanks again).
    I’ve ignored requests from bloggers I don’t even know, who don’t even visit or comment and yet they want a link? Pfft!
    In the meantime, I have a serving of your tri-colore peppers and I’ll throw in the wine, k?

  2. I love stuffed peppers. Usually we do ours Greek style but I guess any will do; they’re delicious and simple to make!

  3. I am lazy with keeping my blog roll updated. When I get I link request and it is a blog I like (even if I don’t know the blogger) I usually give a link.
    But now that you are saying it I really need to update my blog roll…
    I lkie your bell peppers! I do read regularly at your blog as it is in my “favorite blogs” part of my RSS reader but am so sorry I am most of the time a silent reader.
    good luck for your move!

  4. My blog roll is so horribly ignored… in fact, I’m not sure if some of the blogs on there are even active 🙂
    This is a great post… loved it!

  5. Oh good golly . . . yes I am out of date!
    I’ll try to get it back in shape soon.
    With all the peppers in the stores, I really do need to stuff some. Yours have such beautiful colors!

  6. oh you, totally hilarious! I got to stitch my side and wiped my tears… almost miss this great recipe. Adding cousous, good one!
    I am a nun in this blog world…

  7. I’ll second the plug for the Adopt-a-Blogger program. I’ve adopted two blogs, and wish someone had adopted me when I was first starting my blog. What a great idea — and I surely could have avoided some of the silly mistakes I made at the beginning.

  8. Ooohhh me, me me me! I’d like a link! 🙂
    I’ve been reluctant to let my blogroll get too long because I’d like to keep my sidebars fairly light. I think putting it on a separate page is a great idea, Katie. I think I’ll move and expand mine when I have some time.

  9. Deal, Peter! Welcome back… I’ll be over to hear about the vacances in a sec.
    Scott, okay, now I’m curious… Greek-style?
    Astrid, I, too, am a silent reader…. but thanks for the comment. As to keeping up with everything….Sigh…
    Kristen, I went through mine awhile back – sorry state, probably is again!
    Tanna, I keep seeing photos of all the colors available in the US and a so jealous… we have the 3!
    Gattina, but a charming nun!
    Lydia, me too. I was totally clueless!
    you got it, Lulu, (give me a few days). That’s why I moved mine to a page, otherwise it slows everything down even more than normal.

  10. Thanks, Katie, I’m honored! Don’t worry, I’m patient. Actually, I’m lazy and prone to procrastination, but I like to call it “being patient,” as it sounds a lot better.

    It’s amazing how much “mature wisdom” resembles being too tired.
    ~Robert Heinlein

  11. Katie, Those peppers look mighty good!Your photo is so vibrant too! As far as myself, I have so much to learn about blogging, and the fact that I’m technically challenged creates many stressfull days, if you know what I mean!

  12. I love stuffed peppers,it look really good!
    Your blog is too good,I regularly read it.

  13. Thanks, Bundt Cake!
    Susan, my mother never them – she hated stuffed peppers of any sort. Bread stuffing – that sounds good!
    Sra, How could I have missed you!!!!
    As they say, ‘Of all the things I’m losing, I miss my mind the most’

  14. Tricky, this whole link exchange thing. I must say, I seldom link to people just because they ask. I am actualyl quite adept at finding my own links, thank you!! But I am also aware that I am guilty of not updating my blogroll often enough – my reader is a far more accurate reflection pof the blogs I’m reading…