Tangy Cabbage Salad; No Assistance Required

Tangy Cabbage Salad

No good deed shall go unpunished.Screen

Damned if you do; damned if you don't.

When seeking help it's best to appear helpless.

Last week, when I realized that my computer was fading fast, I took this photo of the screen.

I was 99% sure that it was the video card that was slowly slipping into oblivion.  The screen had been displaying these lovely tread marks off and on for about 2 months.  They normally went away after rebooting, but, this day, they didn't. 

To be helpful, and in case they didn't show up immediately on the monitor at the computer hospital, I took a photo.

We all know what happens when we take something in for repair:  it works….
Until we get it back home, then it goes bonkers again.

I was taking in proof of it's misbehavior!

Apparently, the nice young man at the computer hospital was unaccustomed to dealing with people who consider a digital camera a necessary part of their being, as crucial as a wristwatch, or clothing. 

Perhaps he had not met any bloggers, actually, make that food bloggers, who, by nature, take a photo of anything and everything that crosses their vision.

We never know what or when something might make an interesting post….

I set the computer down on his work table and whipped out my camera.

After scrolling through the photos of the previous night's dinner, I showed him the shot of my screen, explaining, or so I thought, about the problem with my computer…. In French, of course.

He seemed inordinately fascinated with my camera.

He took it from me and carefully inspected it, pushing buttons, zooming the lens in and out.

Finally he asked how often it happened.

I gave him the long version of all the problems of the past few months.

'But', he said, 'it's only on this one.'


And then, comprehension dawned.

Apparently he thought I had been out taking my computer for a walk and decided to stop in and get my camera fixed.

Apparently he was treating me carefully, the crazy woman that had 50, almost identical, photos of meatloaf and one wonky photo of Stonehenge on her camera.

Frustrated, I slipped into English for another go at explaining.

Enlightened, he now understood both my words and my problem.

He plugged my computer in and it didn't work right for him either.

It was the video card…..

On to the food:

When I was in high school, I worked at the local restaurant (small town, there was only one).

The owner made the best coleslaw!  Everyone raved about it and everyone wanted the recipe.

It was a secret.

She made the dressing in big batches, once a week and no one was allowed to watch too closely.

She sold the restaurant, retired and moved away, taking her coleslaw dressing with her.

Or so I thought.

After we kids were grown and gone, my mother went to work, a few mornings a week, at the same restaurant.

Turns out my mother managed to snag the recipe at some point. 

Maybe she was entrusted with it when the owner was gone during the summer; maybe she just watched and learned.  She doesn't remember.  She never made it as it makes 8 quarts.

I found it the other day, in her old box of recipes that I brought back on my last trip.

I reduced it… Slightly

Tangy Coleslaw ( Cabbage Salad )

Tangy Coleslaw (Cabbage Salad)

2 – 3 cups shredded cabbage
1/2 red or orange pepper
Tangy Coleslaw Dressing

Shred the cabbage. Slice the pepper thinly, then cut the slices into 1/2" (1cm) pieces. Put cabbage and pepper into a large bowl. Add half of the dressing and toss well to combine. Add more dressing according to taste and the amount of cabbage.

Tangy Coleslaw Dressing

8 tbs olive oil
8 tbs sugar
3 1/2 tbs cider vinegar
3/4 tsp course grain mustard
1/4 tsp celery seed

Put all of the ingredients in a medium bowl, Using as large a whisk as you have (and is reasonable), vigorously whisk ingredients together. The sugar will dissolve and the dressing get very thick and clear.

The cabbage stays wonderfully crunchy with this dressing and will keep several days…. If you don't stand in the fridge with a fork…

11 thoughts on “Tangy Cabbage Salad; No Assistance Required”

  1. Katie, I laughed out LOUD at the line about taking your computer for a walk. You crack me up on a regular basis but that one really had me laughing like a loon all by myself in the kitchen!

  2. Oh this made me laugh! I can just see the guy, examining your camera, wondering what the heck you were doing walking around with your computer. Too funny! 🙂
    I’m a HUGE fan of coleslaw, as long as it isn’t smothered in mayonnaise dressing. This recipe looks great! I’ve never looked for celery seed in France. Is it readily available?

  3. Love the irony of Stonehenge as background on your computer, sort of like the old and the new. So what’s wrong with taking computers for a walk? We all need more exercise, carrying a computer would be excellent for the heart. So glad you scaled down the recipe, no way I could eat that much cabbage!

  4. I’m always on the lookout for a new cabbage slaw recipe! I can’t stand that mayonnaise-laden stuff (except for grandma’s, of course). This sounds great! And I especially love that it stays crunchy! I normally won’t eat the stuff after it’s been in the fridge for a while…too soggy!!

  5. This so reminds me of the coleslaw I grew up with that my grandma made. Well, minus the mustard and celery seed; we didn’t go in for “strong flavors.” 🙂 Thank goodness I eventually discovered the world of flavor!
    What’s funny is that as a kid I didn’t like this coleslaw because it was too sweet for me. Which was fine, my mom was perfectly happy to have me eat the cabbage plain. But now, I think I’d like to try it again, especially your recipe with the extra “flavors.”

  6. The computer picture looks like patchwork 😀
    Maybe if we took our computers on a walk every day they would be nicer to us ;D
    I never use raw cabbage for a salad… there’s something in its taste that I’m not fan of. Thanks for sharing, though.

  7. Zoomie, glad I made you smile
    Loulou, I have found it once, in Paris, but you can get celery powder, which gives the flavor… but not the texture or appearance.
    Neil, I was so surprised that the geek didn’t recognize it for what it was… I’ve been walking both computers far too often this week!
    Michelle, I make the creamy kind with yogurt… but I like this one better… I’m so glad I found it!
    Lulu, I thinkg the mustard cuts the sweetness a bit..
    Nuria, it was actually, kind of pretty~

  8. Oh, how we laughed!! I can well imagine the computer guy poring over your camera while nervously trying to ignore the fact that you just lile carring a computer around with you 🙂 And I spluttered in recognition at that line of “you never know what might make an interesting post” – 100% true and the reason for some very odd photos on my memory card!
    The coleslaw dressing sounds very similar to one I make for a courgette salad – and the salad looks heavenly – thanks 🙂

  9. Nate, an underused herb (I think it would be an herb)
    Jeanne, some very bizarre ones on mine, as well! And so many of the same thing. Thank God for digital!

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