Weekend Herb Blogging, The Round-Up

The Round-Up!

Every time I type that I want to crack a whip and yell Hee Haw!

I'll refrain. 

My PC had a major/minor collapse this morning and will be going to hospital tomorrow.  I think I have retrieved all of the emails, but if I've missed you, let me know and you will be added yesterday!

On with the foods:

In Vancouver, Canada, Katerina, of Daily Unadventures In Cooking, spent a lazy winter day in August making comfort food – and playing with beets (beetroot).  She's giving us two recipes, so no excuses about what to do with this gorgeous vegetable: Baked Beets with Garlic and Marjoram and then a little yummy something to do with the tops.


From Manila, Philippines, Ning, of Heart and Hearth has darling little Baby Bok Choy! The cute factor is a hit with the kids, and the grown-ups like the tender, small size, with lots of green.  Ning says they're best cooked quickly and gives us a savory stir-fry to try!

Baby bokchoy stir-fry

Out of Chicago, IL, US. we have Jude, of Apple Pie, Patis, and Pâté.  Jude is performing magic with eggplant.  The Grilled Eggplants, Japanese-Style is meant (maybe) to impersonate eel.  The presentation is elegant, and I, for one, would be much happier with these lovelies than the, um, other….


Basking in the sun in Hania, Crete, Maria, of Oraganically Cooked, weaves a wonderful story about home-cooking and okra.  She tells us it can be an acquired taste… And requires a wee bit of knowledge to fix… Or it ends up like goo.  Hmmm, maybe I have tried them…  I'd like to try these!


In Italy, Graziana, of Erbe in cucina, is eating weeds.  Purslane Salad, to be more specific. I rather like that idea, as I always have an abundance of weeds.  These look particularly tasty, rather small and succulent, perfect for a summer salad… and free!


Back in the US, Glenna, of A Fridge Full of Food, reminds us that healthy eating need not be boring eating.  Especially if it involves bright, colorful peppers.  Her Stuffed Red Peppers are chock-a-block with good stuff – and a great way to use all the gorgeous peppers this time of year.


Also from Vancouver, Canada, TS and JS, of (eatingclub) vancouver, are going gaga for guava! After finding these luscious fruits, then eating them all, the search was on for more so they could make this delectable Guava-Jalapeno Salad.  I would have to say the effort appears to be worth it!


From California, US, DK, of Culinary Bazaar, is proving that even a confirmed cilantro-lover can love parsley, too.  Middle Eastern Tabbouleh, a classic dish for summer, quick, easy and flavorful is enhanced with lots and lots of parsley…. And she loves it!


One of the first WHB events I participated in, way back in the beginning of time, was touting one's favorite herb.  My favorite, sage, didn't bear up well next to the more popular cilantro and basil.  I'm pleased to see our founder, Kalyn, of Kalyn's Kitchen making a big batch of Sage-Pecan Pesto.  Sage is a most under-used herb, and this delicious twist is sure to make converts!

Sage pesto 

In Chicago, IL, US, Erin, of The Skinny Gourmet, thinks she has (almost) perfected her Chicken Tortilla Soup.  Although she says she's only been working on it for eight years, she thinks this is IT.  Loads of late-summer vegetables plus quinoa…. I do think she may be right! 


Looking for new potato salad for you BBQ Picnic?  Tired of the same-old mayonnaise dressing? Try the Red Potato Salad with Garlic and Herbs that Mansi, of The Fun and Food Cafe, made.  Not only is it lighter and healthier, it gets a kick from the garlic… and keeps well on a warm day!


I can picture it: I open my vegetable freezer, and there, lined up in neat rows of perfect, little cubes, are pestos, from every herb in my garden.  Doesn't that just warm the cockles of your heart (whatever that is)?  Pam, of Sidewalk Shoes, is going to help me realize that vision, too, with her Parsley Pesto, made with walnuts. Sigh….


I'm eating vicariously this summer.  With no garden of my own, I eat blogs and this one is particularly delicious.  In Houston, US, Priscilla, of Foodielicious, is making Roasted Corn with Thyme-Garlic-Infused Butter.  She ate it all (I can understand how this happened) before getting a photo so I'm loaning her one….   of some thyme…


In London, UK, Jeanne of Cooksister is enjoying summer by proxy, as well.  Her warm weather cravings led her to make this pretty Coriander and Nectarine Salsa.  It also led to her having to go out, herself, to get the tuna to sear as an accompaniment.  The old 'To get the job done right…'


In rainy Northern Germany, Ulrike, of Kuchenlatein, made a beautiful Courgette and Herb Risotto.  I promised mon mari that I wouldn't buy/open any more packaged goods before the move, but this is making it difficult.  I do have the parsley and chives to use up, after all… And it looks soooo good!


Anna, of Morsels and Musings in Sidney, Australia, is having a Swedish Crayfish Party! In addition to platters of beautiful crayfish, be prepared for lots of snaps and a roaring rendition of dirty Swedish Drinking songs….  That lovely flower perched on top?  The most important part: Crown Dill.


In Melbourne, Australia, Haalo, of Cook (almost) Anything at least once, is taking advantage of the last of the seasons citrus fruits. The Honey Murcott Mandarin Sorbet is as gorgeous as it is healthy.  Eating by the pool in summer; a palate cleanser in front of the fire in winter…. Hard to decide!


If you, like I, thought all eggplants were shades of purple and white, you need to check out the cute little green ones that Jerry, of Jerry's Thoughts, Musings and Rants, Burlington, Ontario, found in her  local Asian markets.  They are a key ingredient in this Green Curry with Pork. Where's my fork….


Christine, of Kits Chow, in Vancouver, Canada, has used one of my favorite vegetables in her lovely Mushroom, romano bean and bean sprout salad.  She also gives complete instructions for choosing and caring for mung bean sprouts.  Her salad gives a surprise kick with hot sauce and shredded ginger!


From London, Valentina, of Trembom – English Version, is using summer's bountiful tomato harvest in this luscious Tomatoes in Coconut Cream.  I'll admit that it's not a combination I would have thought of, but she tells us that she couldn't stop eating it.  After looking at the photos I can see why.  Hand my a slice of bread, please… And a big spoon!


Finishing off this week of wonderful and innovative dishes, is my simple Green Beans with Mushrooms.  Sometimes, one just needs food that can go together quickly… and use up the last of the mushrooms lurking in the fridge!


There you have it!

I'll repeat…. If I missed you, we'll blame it on my broken computer and I'll add you immediately.

It's a good thing I found a used laptop a few weeks ago to use during our move… Everything looks kind of pale, though…. Oh well!

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  1. Great entries. I am going to visit every single one. ; o) even if it takes me the whole week. I have already bought the mushrooms to try your beans and mushroom recipe.

  2. Valentina, lots of great ideas this week… and fun reading!
    Thanks for the kind words, Ning.
    Mike, CRACK!!! (goes the whip) Move’em out~
    My pleasure, Ulrike… your turn next?
    Thanks, Glenna, I’m making stuffed peppers soon!
    Val, Hee Haw!!!! (thanks)

  3. Wow! So much! This is my first visit to your blog…I LOVE the round-up! I’m equally overwhelmed and determined to visit each of the sites you shared. Thanks!
    a post about eggplant

  4. Susan, it does seem like it’s getting harder to keep up with everything, doesn’t it? Always so much going on… Thanks for the kind words!
    Kalyn, you’re back at school already!!!!
    Maria, aren’t they cute?
    Crystal, thanks for the kind words, I’m glaf you stopped by for a visit… and thanks for the eggplant!

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