Butternut Squash Soup; The Mobile Distillery — 9 Comments

  1. Katie, I hope your move is going as smoothly as possible. Very impressed with all the posts you’ve managed to write in advance. Soup looks great!

  2. That is just sooo cool! You have ham trucks and milk trucks and distillery trucks there???!! We’re lucky if the ice cream truck comes down our neighborhood (and will actually stop for the two 30-somethings chasing the truck down the hill)! Love the creme fraiche design on that beautiful soup!

  3. Beautiful soup Katie! I’ve come to love butternut squash late in life and I can’t get enough of it1

  4. Love these types of soups Katie. I mentioned to a friend that I was making a very similar soup today with pumpkin. She finds that strangfe but I say it is every day fare.

  5. Thank you, thank you everyone for your comments…
    I am borrowing internet at the moment, so, please believe how happy I am that you are reading and commenting… but I only get minutes per day… I read them offline!
    I treasure them all, and will get back to reading all your blogs soon!
    And a special thanks to my new readers/commenters… I’ll visit when I have real internet again, I promise!

  6. Too bad you don’t get to join in on using the still. I just have no perception–I’d forgotten all about the home-made wine! Call me jealous! Although given how black my green thumb is, I’m not sure I’d want to drink any wine I’d have been a part of, lol.
    I love the soup–I just did a butternut squash this weekend, too. Very nice plating

  7. Butternut squash soup is the best – I always lightly curry ours. As for the travelling still – how very civilized! Pineau is one of my favourite things – all the flavour of a port with less alcohol. So you can drink more, of course 😉