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Chcken Savoyarde; Words — 8 Comments

  1. Thank you, thank you everyone for your comments…
    I am borrowing internet at the moment, so, please believe how happy I am that you are reading and commenting… but I only get minutes per day… I read them offline!
    I treasure them all, and will get back to reading all your blogs soon!
    And a special thanks to my new readers/commenters… I’ll visit when I have real internet again, I promise!

  2. Wow this dish looks so delicious.
    I am going to bookmark for making this for a weekend.
    My daughter is learning french now for the last 5 years in school.

  3. The average English speaker knows approximately 15,000. A highly educated English speaker knows about 30,000.

  4. Great story. Hope you’re settling in well. As for your chicken dish…sounds lovely. I’ve been hunting for artichoke bottoms for weeks now. One of these days I’ll find some and this dish will be first up.

  5. LOL – I think you should do a post in the persona of your newly-American counterpatr – a recipe post in the style of Law & Order, if you will… Come on, you know you want to…!