Chicken Mushroom Chowder; Baby got new Shoes! — 10 Comments

  1. Thanks so much for the update and the tour of your new area! Obama is edging ahead, McCain is still trying hard. Thank heavens it will all be over in a few weeks! Your martini and/or gin and tonics seem well deserved – enjoy them! J’adore Cyrano – my favorite French hero, too!

  2. It sounds like a wonderful place to live Katie. I’ll bet you’ll be glad when you can settle in and be done with it. In the meantime the soup is fantastic and reminds me of home:D

  3. We lost electricity for 15 minutes last week and I felt totally out of it – could have thought panic except I had my cell phone but then how would I charge it . . . we are really spoiled!
    Love your explore. Really hope your able to get started soon there. Miss you.
    LOVE the egg in the soup, totally perfect!

  4. Zoomie, martini for mon mari, G & T for me… and much appreciated!
    Val, I really, really hope we can at least move in before Christmas…
    Lydia, it’s driving me slowly (or rapidly) mad….
    Tanna, That would really top it – to lose what little power we have.. I so miss yoyu and everyone… and being able to keep up with everything…
    Tracy, quite the fashion statement, aren’t they?

  5. What an adventure you’re having! I love your mushroom soup. And your boots.
    (I know I left a comment here the other day and now I don’t see it.) Want you to know I’m thinking of you.

  6. Love your new shoes, Katie!
    I you’re close to Lascaux, then you’re close to Les Eyzies as well, aren’t you? I highly recommend getting reservations to go into the Font-de-Gaume just outside Les Eyzies.
    The lovely town of Domme is nearby as well. When we were bicycling in that area some years ago, we had a fabulous dinner (a dinner by which all dinners are measured) in the outdoor section of “Le Poivriere” in Domme. I believe I said when asked by the serveure how everything was, “Je vais pleurer…”. It was that good. (I was just tucking into my appetizer of escargot et cepes avec lardons – in puff pastry.)
    Your chicken mushroom soup looks wonderful (but I think I’d rather have it without the egg, thank you – I’m squeamish that way)