Glazed Turkey Cutlets; Mind Your Step! — 8 Comments

  1. Lol, too funny. You just brightened a very dull day 🙂 My late mother-in-law who was British, had her own set of eccentricities. No tea lights, though.

  2. Hi, I invite:
    The team of the gallery is announcing the competition: MY DREAM SWEATER
    Conditions of the participation:
    1.The first stage.
    – to draw the sweater, which are you dreaming of, the project must be original, not copied from exist/existed projects.
    – to send till the date 31 of October, till hour 00:00 to the address:
    2. The second stage:
    – the jury which will be composed soon will assess works and will choose 4 winners.
    The first award: sweater made by the Mafia, according to the project of the winner.
    The second award – 100 PLN of discount for shopping in the store of the Mafia.
    The third award – 80 PLN of discount
    The fourth award – 50 PLN of discount.
    We reserve the right to dismember awards differently.
    Members of a family of the Mafia cannot participate in the competition.
    Knitted Mafia – is more than the handicraft gallery – it is a real knitting family grouping people from entire Poland – there you will find works created with all knitting techniques, beginning from socks through the interior decor of insides and finishing on toys. It is unbelievable it is a real KNITTING MAFIA.
    Have a nice day 😀
    Gosia – from Poland

  3. I hate to remind you, but calling someone a “turkey” here is quite the insult and if you use “jive turkey,” its even worse!

  4. Well, I’m glad you didn’t burn the house down 😉 Lovely (funny) memories and an even lovelier looking turkey – but I have called people that before…

  5. I always love dropping by for a visit. You tell such wonderful stories.
    Hope the move is going according to plan.

  6. I forgot about calling people ‘turkey’ in the US!
    I’m still not comfortable about leaving candles burning… but, people seem to be alive that have grown up with it…

  7. Great post. I, on the other hand, find England and Europe terribly safety conscious compared to South Africa. I must say I’ve never seen anybody leaving candles burning throught the night here in London! I always laugh at the way there is a fence and lifebelts surrounding any body of water in England (including 10cm deep ornamental ponds) and yet in Paris you can sit on the edge of the Seine and dangle your legs over the bank!!