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Hunter’s Eggs; Menu of the Week — 9 Comments

  1. This looks delicious! What’s not love in here? Bacon, eggs, mushrooms – yes, I’m adding it to the menu now.

  2. Yes please! I might poach the eggs instead because I absolutely love poached eggs, but over bacon and mushrooms… sounds amazing!

  3. Now what’s wrong with another egg dish? I do miss those late evening Euro-egg dinners…this one sates me, kinda.
    I go make some eggs now.

  4. Amazing…. That looks so delicious! I must have been a hunter in a previous life. This would be perfect with crusty bread.

  5. Thank you, thank you everyone for your comments…
    I am borrowing internet at the moment, so, please believe how happy I am that you are reading and commenting… but I only get minutes per day… I read them offline!
    I treasure them all, and will get back to reading all your blogs soon!
    And a special thanks to my new readers/commenters… I’ll visit when I have real internet again, I promise!