Creamy Polenta with Sage; And yet another Surprise! — 12 Comments

  1. You have a tremendous job ahead of you but I know it will be rewarding. I am enjoying reading about your lives in France. And, of course, your recipes are not that bad, not that bad!!! Love it.

  2. I’d be tempted to rebuild the old chimneys so you could have fires in all those rooms but, absent that, how about a grouping of fat candles of varying heights in the hearths so the “idea” of fire is there even though the chimneys aren’t. I saw this once in a magazine for off-season use of a fireplace and it looked really lovely…

  3. Buying or building is so full of surprises!
    I guess there’s no way a damper can be put in that huge chimney.
    As another surprise I just cooked a bunch of polenta, now I’ll have to do more with bacon & sage, oh how sad ;0)

  4. Yes, yes, yes, bacon and sage in polenta! How great. And I have wonderful, locally produced stone-ground corn meal in the cupboard and sage still hanging on in the patio. Thanks!

  5. Can you run a new steel chimney up inside the old one, and somehow have a mason block it off at the bottom of the shaft? My sister had a new steel lining put inside her old brick chimney, but the size difference wasn’t that great. Lots of fun with old houses. The electrical discoveries I have made in mine are, to say the least, hair-raising.

  6. That’s a hard one. We have a smaller fireplace and had a piece of wood cut to fit, doesn’t look fantastic, but we keep warm!

  7. Susan, thanks… glad to be of entertainment value.. ;-)) and thanks about the food
    Zoomie, we found a gut to come and look… We’ll see what happens next.
    Tanna, we’re thinking maybe a cap on the chimeny will work… but, we’ll see what ‘the guy’ says.
    Maria, I’m not familiar with French windows, but a porte-fentre is a very tall window that swings open like double doors. Our’s will be about 6 feet high
    Lisa, all the sage I have is what I cut before we left…which was all of it ;-))
    Peggy, OMG! We haven’t even looked at the electrical. One surprise at a time!
    Neil, I’m hoping the cap-thing works if not, we’ll have to do something similar
    Mike, bacon is always good. There is a pork fair going on here at the moment ;-))

  8. 10ft ceilings? Feeling very sad now 🙁
    But the polenta would cheer me up immesureably – absolutely drooling now so it’s probably a sign that it’s dinner time!!