Living in the House of Vlad the Impaler, Count Dracula…

We interrupt the scheduled programming for a brief update:

The movers came at 7:59 last Thursday morning; didn't gasp with dismay or piss and moan about the amount of stuff we had, but proceeded to load it into the lorry (truck).Keys

Then they fetched trailer and loaded that, too. 

They finished at 5:00, we finished at 6:00, said our good-byes and went off to sign the papers; keys were exchanged for money and we were done!

Friday, we picked up the girl dogs, hauled the last bit to our rental house and headed to Spain.

We did the required bit of shopping in Andorra: pimientos, sherry, olive oil, tins of anchovies… and other assorted Spanish foods that we can't get in France.

Ha! You thought shopping in Andorra meant jewelry and leather coats, didn't you? How little you know me!

We spent a peaceful 3 days in the mountains; the weather was glorious.

The bad news was that hunting season had just opened so we didn't really want to go walking.   Boar

The good news was that one of the local hunters dropped off a haunch of, freshly killed, wild boar for dinner.

One never knows what the green garbage bag will hold when the locals come calling. On our last trip it was half of a deer….

And now, here we are living in Dracula's house.

How do we know it's the summer residence of Vlad the Impaler? 

Simple: it's full of flies for his trusty henchman…

And there's not a mirror anywhere.Rental_house

Not for admiring oneself whilst brushing teeth in the morning; not for shaving nor putting on makeup.

None! Rien!

No mirrors!

We'll be here awhile. The closing for the house we're buying has been delayed because in August (when no one works) the documents didn't get sent to the Powers That Be for approval. 

But we were able to move our stuff in. So, yesterday, we watched as the moving van and trailer backed a mile or so down the hill and around the corners on a very narrow country road to deliver it. It all got piled up in the barn (we can't officially 'be' there yet) so they were happy – done in 3 hours.

Now I need to find a mirror, a knife and some pans to cook with, and some warm clothes. Vlad's house is about 10 degrees colder inside than outside…. And we only have wood to heat with.

As to internet access…. I'm writing this offline and I'll upload it from the estate agent's office. I get to borrow their internet a few minutes each, er, most, days.

We now return to previously scheduled broadcast….

11 thoughts on “Living in the House of Vlad the Impaler, Count Dracula…”

  1. Thanks for the update – I was kinda wondering where and what and how. Good luck getting the papers back and signed and everything. Whew.

  2. What an exciting time to be moving into a new place. It will be nice though once you are settled into your new place. Keep smiling:D

  3. It’s news to me you can’t get all those foods in France, but I suppose you mean the real McCoy!
    After a long time, today I splurged on some spices that I doubt I will use regularly!

  4. My what an interesting life you are leading! Living in Dracula’s house…sounds perfect for October 😉 Can’t wait to see what you end up making with all your goodies from Spain…

  5. OH MY GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!that place looks so cool and who cares if it is cold fire up the hot wood. ok now I really really really want to com visit you and explore the mirrorless house down the little narrow trail. ok I am only a little jealous and I am sure that the photo is so much romantic then in real life but you know it spices things up. Plus is comes with wild game, yum

  6. A mirror and a cross. Definitely.
    It will take time, for sure. But with enough wood to take you through the winter, the provisions you bought in Spain and the knives and pans to cook with, I’m sure your winter tales will be as rich and full as your recipes!

  7. Thanks for all the comments everyone… I have limited access but know they are appreciated and enjoyed
    And, yes, I have lots of garlic!

  8. Hi Katie, I’m just catching up with my blogging friends, having had a horrible flu then spending almost a week in Portland, OR for our youngest son’s wedding. Probably more than you wanted to know. In the meantime, you’ve MOVED! I can’t wait to see photos of your new digs when you get to move in. It seems to me that you’re near the Dordogne region, non?
    I’m having fun catching up with your recipes too. I don’t think I could cook, blog and move all at the same time. Brava!

  9. Oh no – you forgot to buy GARLIC in Andorra!! Geddit??
    Would love to have a video clip of mirrorless mascara application =) Neighbours bringing round bits of wild boar sounds quite exciting though…

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