Potato Gratin with Sage; We’re still married…. But only just…. — 13 Comments

  1. From what I understand, marriages go through seasons – up and downs. And it gets more stressful with big events like moving house, empty nests, death of parents/close relatives and so on. Just hang in there. Will pray for you! 🙂

  2. Oh, I SO understand! It took us over a month to find tile for one room. Every store in town. ‘Nuff said.

  3. You really know how to build up the tension in this story! Glad you’re still on speaking terms 😉
    Moving and stuff like making all these decisions can be extremely stressfull. So choose and ‘move’ with care.

  4. Ton mari redeemed himself by being a sage lover, that’s for sure.
    Churros – that must have been heaven after spending the day in hell!

  5. Thanks, Ning….We’re hanging!
    Tanna, the scary thing is he could have bought it!
    Miss T, it’s amazing how gorgeous they all are until one has to choose!
    Simona, I really miss my sage plant – left in my old herb garden. But I dried a lot, if I can only find it.
    Zoomie, it was close, very, very close.
    Lien, next up is the bathroom vanity….
    LouLou, yeah, churros in France…with Nutella!

  6. You’re so funny and so right. Something about decorating gets me and my DH all riled up. Yesterday, while out and about searching desperately for girls boots, we ended up with a sugar/rasberry pastry before going back to the first shoe store…hours after starting out…

  7. I’m sure that it will look gorgeous once it is completed. I remeber there being a reality show on TV about 4 young couples who were given a house to renovate room by room. The couple who received the most points by the end of the season would win the house free and clear. I am not really into reality TV but I do remeber watching this and wondering if some of these couples would survive.

  8. Having gone through two home renovations, I can attest to the stress it puts on even the best of marriages. I ended up with an all-white kitchen once because I was so fed up with a long day of shopping that I stood in the middle of the store and screamed, “Make it white! All white!!!” And then I had to live with that kitchen for 20 years. Still have the same husband, though!

  9. LOL – that sounds a lot like things in Chez Cooksister!! So far we have gotten off lightly – N moved in with me when we met and I had already chosen the decor for my flat. Here in LOndon we rent, so no choices to be made. I dread the (looming) day when we actually ave to reach consensus on tilesm carpets and a fridge!!