Smoked Salmon Kedgeree; Checks v Cash — 10 Comments

  1. Hola darling Katie!
    Yes, paying with checks is like old fashioned… I only use it to pay the dentist, because he doesn’t accept credit cards… and since I hate going to the dentist and only go like once every two years, I never know were I left my checks!!!
    Great ingredients combo! I could eat the whole thing 😀

  2. I love reading about the charming ways of life in France. It often makes me wonder how we have managed to make things so complicated here in the US.

  3. I know..I never have cash or checks on me anymore, just my debit card.
    I love butternut squash soup, I’ll try your recipe next time.

  4. Hi Katie! I’ve missed reading your blog as I’ve been out of the blogsphere for so long! We Brits don’t use cheques/checks so much here either, unless we’re trying to buy some time, financially…
    Love, love, love Kedgeree and I am also loving the idea of hot smoked salmon – delicious!

  5. It took me forever to start using a bankcard. It wasn’t until my kids started their own accounts that I realized writing checks was akin to spear hunting mamoths.

  6. Oh my! The Smoked Salmon Kedgeree sounds amazing! I can’t wait to try this out. Thank you for the recipe!

  7. I just started using checkcards when we started traveling to France. I liked the ritual of writing checks at one time. But I’m moving away from that…

  8. I can really see where you are coming from on this check issue! When we moved to Mexico we thought paying for things would be more or less as it had been in the states. I use checks for the fuel tank refill, to get utilites set up & for so many things here i have to use cash. I have never seen such a cash society till we moved here. Thank goodness we have a debit card but there are pitfalls there as well since Mexico seems to have bank scams run so frequently.
    The Salmon Kedgeree does look tasty! So glad to have found your blog.

  9. Thank you, thank you everyone for your comments…
    I am borrowing internet at the moment, so, please believe how happy I am that you are reading and commenting… but I only get minutes per day… I read them offline!
    I treasure them all, and will get back to reading all your blogs soon!
    And a special thanks to my new readers/commenters… I’ll visit when I have real internet again, I promise!

  10. Oooh, smoked salmond kedgeree! I am SO making this. As for the national differences – I hear you. I was also used to using more cheques in South Africa (although not to the extent you did – at McD’s!?!?) and when we got here everything worked by debit card. Makes life a lot simpler! THe other unelated thing that astonished me when we came to the UK was the postcodes. In SOuth Africa, postcodes are allocated per city, or in the case of large cities, maybe one code for a couple of suburbs. Here in the UK, your postcode narrows your location down to a block or two – it’s that specific! And almost the first thing anybody that you are dealing with on a business basis will ask you is “what’s your postcode?” Crazy!