Tournedos with Marchand de Vin Sauce; The Appliances — 9 Comments

  1. What an adventure you’re living! Write it all down and it’ll be a best-seller. I had to laugh about standing up the towels by the shower. That’s the one item I hate to line dry. Rough, crusty towels are not the perfect ending to a relaxing shower!

  2. Stand the towel up outside the shower! Right.
    The English iron the towels . . . the things a person doesn’t know . . .
    And a cell phone does make a tape measure!
    The Tournedo dinner looks wonderful, I’d have been looking for leftovers!

  3. Why why does this look so familiar? Oh maybe because I’m Euro? Well not the washer, top loaders are quite unusual here in the Neth. The dryer? Yes triple yes. (I don’t iron towels, nor teatowels, nor underwear..t-shirts only in summer. It helps the family stand up straight). Bright side; you’ll never need scrub cream.
    Gas range? Yes triple yes and I hate it, it’s too small! Although mine doesn’t smell, gas out of a bottle has a distinctive eh aroma to it.

  4. Leaning the towel next to the shower… You are so funny! I have cooked on a ceramic top for 5 years and love it. It is very easy to clean up and I can perfectly control the heat. I recommend it.

  5. Val, it’s been a challenge these past weeks…. Maybe I’ll try the boots
    Thanks, Lynn… Yeah, the crusty towels – I can pass on those.
    Tanna, I’d forgotten how stiff they get… and yes, the English….
    Peter, I’m with you!
    Thanks, Baking Soda, I feel better now hahaha!
    Lucy, thank you so much…. I just ordered a ceramic cook top yesterday – a whole month to wait, though.

  6. LOL – gotta love the way travel broadens the mind and teaches you what’s good about your country! We have no drier either (thank God also no carnivorous horror movie top-loader with JAWS!) and everythign dries in the airing cupboard by the hot water cylinder – now that is one thing I DO like about the UK. A toasty cupboard in every home! How did we live without them in South Africa? Oh yes, we had sun :o)