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Turned Potatoes and Carrots; Living Life the IKEA Way — 9 Comments

  1. Sign, I’m longing for you to have your clean, something old, something new with internet house soon too. I love your entertaining stories but I also know your heart needs a home (as well as internet).
    You’re an artist with the carving. Potatoes and carrots that I really didn’t like as a child are always high on my list of goodness these days.
    Yes, that’s a teaser but your soups are worth it.

  2. I like Ikea, too, but agree with you that a mix of styles and ages is a good thing. I have one of those folding get-’em-at-Target bookshelves next to our antique ice box (that we use for wine storage) in the kitchen. They are happy together.

  3. Katie hang in there. It won’t be long now.
    And just for the record, I DO NOT like IKEA. Utah has only had it for a little over a year, but I have not been impressed. I did buy two rugs there, but no IKEA furniture for me either.

  4. Tigerfish, and I bet your house is just darling!
    Tanna, not as much as I am… thank you for the thoughts and words ;-))
    Zoomie, I agree, a mix is always best! Eclectic!
    Shayne, one should really show some empathy for the age…
    Lydia, I don’t know which is going to excite me more either – at this point I’m desperate for both.
    Arfi – IKEA hasn’t made it to you yet!!! I thought they were everywhere! And I only heard about them 5 years ago.
    Kalyn, it can;t happen fast enough, but it will be awhile yet… first we build the bathroon and kitchen. But I can get the internet hooked up and work during the day.

  5. Towels? Sheets? Toilet paper holder?
    Oh they so DO sell those! Well, they do in London at any rate… 🙂 Clearly Vlad missed a shelf!
    I agree that a lot of the stuff is recognisable (I can think of some coffee mugs and a vase that I have seen in absolutely every rented apartment or B&B I have ever stayed in) – but I also have to say that it is generally very well made for the price. We have a sofa that has not faded or sagged, and a wardrobe with drawers as zippy as the day they arrived. I think it’s OK as long as you mix and match IKEA with other stuff – not the “I’ll take the whole showroom” approach 🙂