Cannellini and Pasta Soup; Life Lessons and the Portuguese Level — 7 Comments

  1. As a retired career counselor, I can second that lesson! You gotta love what you do – you spend more time on the job than with your family so if you don’t like it, life is no fun!

  2. I’ve always believed and always will, if you’re not having fun things need to change. Really and truly, life should be fun. We do make our own fun.
    Great level! I watch a guy do that in our house.

  3. Love your new “office”! So glad you are keeping your sense of humor through all of this. And you’re right — everything for this soup is in the pantry. I’m going to make it tomorrow.

  4. Man, it is cold right now and that soup looks really good!
    I just love soups, but when it is cold, I really don’t feel like cooking. Wish there was a soup restaurant that delivers, lol!
    Anyway, nice blog and thanks for the recipe.

  5. Zoomie, sometimes I think those guys were a littl too happy…
    Tanna, I was fascinated by that little trick… And it works!
    Lydia, isn’t this a great office! I’m working on the decor
    Brian, it’s when it’s cold that I really feel like cooking – soup!
    Val, We love handy men!!!