Chicken Stew with Sherry; Menu of the Week; the BIG Day — 10 Comments

  1. Love living through your adventures …vicariously of course.
    Thanks for sharing and good luck with the internet. I’m looking forward to more of your pasta dishes for Presto Pasta Nights once you’re really settled.

  2. lol, I always get a chuckle about the French bureaucracies/anecdotes. As for the stew, that sounds like just the thing for this time of year–yum!

  3. that ever-ready folder full of documentary evidence to prove that you are you and not someone else – we know all about it in Greece, too!

  4. OMG, I made this stew for dinner tonight, and it is DELICIOUS! Thank you so much for posting your recipes!!! So far they are fun and easy to make!