Egg Crêpes with Leeks, Ham and Chevre; Lunch, Anyone?

One of the many challenges we have, living in a foreign country, is adjusting to the local schedule.

When I lived in the US, I ran errands on my lunch hour.

In most, if not all, of Europe one eats lunch on one’s lunch hour.

One does not run errands because everything is closed.

For two hours.

Everyone is eating lunch.


We were a bit early at our favorite DIY store the other day.

And speaking about lunch: don’t even think about going early or late. The restaurants are open between 12:00 and 2:00 in France.

Not earlier; not later.

On Saturday we stopped at a cute, little Crêperie at 1:55. Too late: ‘we’re no longer serving… Désolé’ (sorry).

One must also be wary of the holy days.

Yes, I said holy days, not holidays.

The Mediterranean countries are Catholic countries and things close on holy days as well as holidays.


The same DIY store that was closed for lunch is having an ‘Overture Exceptional’ on Nov. 1, ‘Toussants’, or the ‘Feast of all Saints’. Most stores will be closed that day, but, as with the occasional grocery store now being open for a few hours on Sunday morning, there are a few stores that manage to be open on some holy days.

Aren’t the malls open on Sunday, you ask?

First, what malls?  There are a few… Very few.

Second, don’t be a twit! Of course they ‘re not open on Sundays. It’s Sunday!

Thankfully both the postal carriers and the fire fighters allow us to contribute to their Christmas funds in exchange for calendars that clearly lay out holidays, holy days, bank Mondays, and all the other days when shops are closed.

As to that cute, little Crêperie…

I’ll just make my own!

Well, I cheated a bit. I don’t have decent kitchen equipment here, in Vlad’s house, certainly not a crêpe pan or blender or anything fancy like that.

But I have a nonstick skillet (that I bought at the local Shopi for 10 euros).

So this is kind of a cross between a crêpe and an omelet…

Whatever, it was good!

The recipe, Egg “Crêpes” with Leeks & Ham, has been updated, nutrition information added, and re-posted here: Egg “Crêpes” with Leeks & Ham.

Since I have the oven from ‘The Little Shop of Horrors’ I put mine back into the skillet, covered it and heated it over low heat for 5 minutes. Worked a treat!

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8 thoughts on “Egg Crêpes with Leeks, Ham and Chevre; Lunch, Anyone?”

  1. Even here I don’t think that non essential shops should be open on Sundays. There should be one day a week when employees can spend time with their families and we shouldn’t be out shopping either. I know it is a sign of the times but a “day of rest” is good for the soul.Score 1 for “when I was a child”. Here in British Columbia shops open by 12 noon on Sundays so I guess people have the morning to enjoy leisurely breakfasts like this…I would love this any time of day of course:D

  2. Like Bellini, I still remember fondly when shops closed on Sundays – in fact, I recall buying gas on Fridays because even gas stations closed on the weekends! For quality of life, I’ll take Europe any old day – they understand that you may love your job but it will not love you back! 🙂

  3. I have to disagree on the “entre midi et deux” point. I think things have changed immensely, even here in provincial Rodez. A lot of shops are open at lunchtime, even in the historical town center.
    I work in the “new city” of Rodez, Bourran, and EVERYTHING is open at lunch, even the La Poste. More and more of my colleagues are eating quickly and trying to do something else with their lunch hour (or two), or are taking a quick lunch to get off work earlier.
    I always thought the two-hour workday lunch was a waste of time — I guess I never got that American point of view to go away!

  4. Val, I have to admdit I have gotten rather fond of the ‘closed on Sunday’ rule.
    Zoomie, gas on Friday? I remember Saturday morning…. 25 cents a gallon…
    Maria, as long as they’re sunny… (It’s raining again)
    Betty, your “provincial Rodez” is ever so much more pregressive than where we are! In the Vendee we even had to be considerate afternoon nap time – for the farmers, not the babies. Nothing was open at lunch or on Monday mornings. Here, so far, it seems the same – except for the Monday part. We’re still checking it all out, tho.
    Thanks, Joey…
    Christine, kind words, much appreciated!
    Tanna, thanks, I’m so glad eggs are ‘healthy’ again.

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