Lamb Braised in Red Wine; Dealing with TPTB — 7 Comments

  1. I love the expression “bouchon” for a traffic jam! I’m sure you were not thrilled to be in the bouchon, however! Sounds a little like San Francisco where the cops are usually very tolerant of protests, sometimes even joining in!

  2. Seems like the farmer’s bouchon maybe just needed some of this lamb to melt away their problem. Now if you could figure how to deliver the lamb to TPTB maybe it would melt their bouchon.

  3. Poor YOU! May the Pouwers that Be take a fonder look on you. All I can say, is thank goodness you made such an appetizing comfort dish to sink your teeth into…hope you saved some wine for drinking 😉

  4. Zoomie, the French are very tolerant – usually joining right in!
    Tanna, form your lips….
    Lydia, or put them in it…
    Val, me too, it seems to be never ending at the moment.
    Ruth, always the wine, we always save the wine.
    Thanks Sorina, and thanks for leaving a comment.