Mashed Potatoes with Cauliflower; Menu of the Week, Please…Prove me Wrong! — 7 Comments

  1. Thank you for sharing your recipe. I will try it and hopefully my husband will love it.

  2. That should be so bland – why does it sound absolutely delicious? Gonna try it and good luck with the telephone/internet folks!

  3. Oh dear, I hope that they fix it soon! (I bet you’re right – women are always right 😉
    But that pat of lovely butter on there looks fabulous! I’ve tried mashed potatoes and mashed cauliflower but never the two together – what a great idea!

  4. Zoomie, sometimes bland is good – but, then, there’s the butter…
    Michelle, I thought I made a mistake once… but I was wrong
    Tanna, as it turns out, we were both right… but it broke again, now it’s fixed again..
    Susan, I wonder if they get as tired of it as we do?