My kingdom for a recorder!

I just missed a golden opportunity to really increase my limited repertoire of French curse words.

My internet, worked, sort of on Friday.

It didn't work at all on Saturday.

I called the wonderful people at France Telecom (more on that later).

That said the problem was outside, in the line.  Not my LiveBox.

Miraculously, as if to prove them wrong, my internet raised itself from the dead….. and worked for 30 minutes.

I called back.

They said they would send a technician…. Tuesday.

He came today.

Oops, got to cut this short, mon mari is standing at the door, keys in hand….

Did I mention that we have high ceilings?

Did I mention that the phone connection is at the ceiling?  (The main entry point)

The very nice young man chose not to bring in his own ladder, but borrow one of ours.

The wrong kind.

When he was at the very top the ladder slipped out from under him and he came crashing down.

Interspersed between his "okay"s was some of the most virulent, flamboyant, explicit French I have ever had the honor to hear.

I recognized a few of the words….


If only I could remember them.

Didn't seem the appropriate time to ask him to write them down….

Gotta go…..  More tomorrow.  I hope!

5 thoughts on “My kingdom for a recorder!”

  1. I started to say that my internet connection goes out when a near neighbor fires up his wi-fi, but then I remembered the picture and your nearest neighbor is not close….hmmm! Hope the young technician will return some day to investigate your problem, although having tumbled from a height, he may come with reluctance… 🙁

  2. Tanna, I felt so bad. He was such a nice young man – and, amazingly, continued to be… although he stepped outside to curse often.
    Zoomie, the main problem is that everything is soooo old!
    Joey, I think I would have been blushing had I understood more.
    Mimi, He iw probably very, very sore. My internet seems to be working (touch wood)

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