Pasta with Chevre, Ham and Peas; Keeping the Home Fires Burning — 7 Comments

  1. Oh dear! It is very important for you to be writing all of this down, because someday, years down the road, you will want to reread and then it will be very funny. Your pasta dish sounds wonderful. Wish I could join you right now. Susan

  2. hahahaha crack the stove door until the fire gets going then shut it that way you have some air flow from the kitchen up the chimney just be sure you dont get a raging fire and cause a chimney fire, not good.
    I hae some goat cheese that realy needs to be used and this is how I am going to use it.

  3. “Not cold like Minnesota cold…”
    Only a true Minnesotan really knows what that can mean.
    We’ve been rather chilly here in mid-November, but did manage a record 74 degrees on 11/3….not too bad. I love this story, exp. where you say that you all smell like ham.

  4. Love your posts, they always make me laugh. And …of course we all remember you, your posts and your yummy pastas!
    So welcome back to Presto Pasta Nights and I hope you keep warm. Be glad you’re not here it’s -4C with blustery winds.

  5. I know I’m being overly romantic, but the thought of having your skillet pasta in front of a wood stove in that ancient old house makes me want to be there. Thanks for sharing.