Risotto with Pork and Avocado; A word on toilets….. — 7 Comments

  1. How daring to have avocado in a risotto! I love the combo :D!!!
    Living in Vlad’s house maybe you should read Twilight… everybody talks about it! My daughter just started reading it… I’m next ;D

  2. A low-flow but reliable flush, that’s what! 🙂 Yes, I do wish I could have wine with you two and discuss the merits of this and that in a bathroom. I’d take the unheated room, really!

  3. Joey, thanks… we need all the luck we can find, I’m afraid!
    Ah, Tanna, we’d even let you sit by the stove. (wood burning stove)
    Thanks for the recommendation, Nuria. I’ll add it too my list. I need some good reading!
    Val, it does… and it doesn’t fall apart if you’re careful ;-))
    Zoomie, it HAS to have a reliable flush ;-((

  4. I love risotto and avocado. I never knew that they can be combined in one recipe. I’m going to try this tonight.