Season’s Eatings

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Season's Eatings is a 'secret' spicy/foodie gift exchange to celebrate the Holiday Season.

You send, and receive, a small gift of a local herb, spice, or other food that is
unique or characteristic of the sender.

Who doesn't like to get presents?

Come on, get in the Spirit!

Sign up by Dec. 5. 

Technical details:

Send your real name and address to me at
thyme2(dot)kate(at) by Thursday, Dec. 5th. I will organize the
exchange and email the details of who to send your gift to on Saturday,
Dec. 7th.
You should mail the gift by Thursday, Dec. 11th….if not sooner.

I know this is fast – but, I had lost track of time until Chris, of Mele Cotte reminded me… Thanks Chris.

And, if you are going to participate, you can have your parcel already to pop in the mail when you get your details.

between the time you receive your gift and December 28th, create or
make something delicious, or, just show us your pressie, and post about
it (or I will) including the logo (I'll have it done soon) and a link
back to me.

    your name as you would like me to use it
    your blog name and URL
    the post URL
to me by December 29th and I'll do the recap on December 30th.

There you have it.

Come on, Join the fun!

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