Shirred Eggs; The Weekly Menu and the Combi! — 8 Comments

  1. My Beloved would just start pushing buttons and hoping for the best! And, darn, it would work for him! If I did that, I’d have arcs and fireworks like crazy!

  2. You’re such a clever girl to figure it out in French and even try in Dutch!! I don’t do french, but I do dutch so if you would be in need of help, just let me know.
    Lovely egg dish! I can lend you a hand there too… by eating 😉

  3. It’s funny how a lot of French people don’t have “toaster ovens.” A combi — sounds like a good idea. Our huge microwave is still going strong, though.

  4. Very cool. I have a combination toaster/convection oven that I love, but having it be a microwave too would be even better! (And I’m impressed you can read French at all!)

  5. Katie, honey…. you know me right? Just a little bit then? Happen to have my mail address? Know where I live? Right my dear, in Holland.. and it so happens I do speak ze French, and ze Engliesh and ze Dutch..
    And eh.. we recently bought a combi.
    with lots & lots of internal apparatus.
    Could it be that we have the same?
    Leafing through the manual now.
    It’s in French.
    And Dutch.
    LOL I’d love to help out if you need me….

  6. Zoomie, mine too, if I let him… “course then he’d have to change the fuses…
    Tanna, I’m working up the courage
    Thanks Lien, some of the Dutch translation was a scream!
    Betty, ours was having death throes for years… (good excuse)
    BakingSoda, we COULD have the same… woiuldn’t that be a hoot. You can come and teach me – I’ll provide wine
    Kalyn, it is a great idea, a little weird though – having to remove have the insides all the time