Split Pea Soup; Note to French Bloggers; News from the Front — 11 Comments

  1. Thanks for the post. The soup is as intriguing as the floor problem. We lived in old houses in Stuttgart and Brussels, so I can sympathize. I’m glad, however, that we never moved into that “Fachwerk” house outside Stuttgart. Only a sailor could have been happy walking across those floors!

  2. Congrats on your long access to internet and your slowly leveling floors. Sorry about peeing outside but, hey, life’s an adventure, right? I remember Season’s Eatings quite well – it would be fun to do it again!

  3. Feliz día de Acción de Gracias!!!! He, he, just wanted to tell you in Spanish because I know you understand :D.
    I’m glad to see that things “start” to settle… you must be made out of iron… I don’t think I could deal with all this buzz and trouble! The toilet outside the house? This is how country houses here were built BEFORE THE WAR!!!!!!
    Katie, I would love to participate in Season’s eatings… couldn’t do it last year and love the idea!!!

  4. Ai, forgot about the soup… got so excited about the event….
    Any soup is fine with me… I adore soups and hams and peas, so yours fits my requirements 😀

  5. That’s MY kind of soup, Katie. The chunkier the better.
    Once again I find myself reading your posts all at once, late in the night then forget to leave a comment. I apologize for not letting you know I’ve been lurking. And I’m secretly jealous of the adventures you’re having. I know, you could have lived without some of them. But, trust me, it’s highly romantic stuff from where I’m sitting. Lack of Internet notwithstanding. That would drive me nuts.

  6. Happy TG, Katie!
    I wish we’d been able to connect in September – where exactly are you relative to Cahors?

  7. 4 Borders, I feel like a drunken sailor in this place!
    Zoomie, only one problem with being in such a wide open location and peeing outside. I hope they’re enjoying the show.
    Tanna, me either. Why I don’t make it every week I’ll never know.
    Val, turkey cutlets for us… and we’re a long way from the christening.
    Thank you Nuria ;-)) and please do participate….. I’ll be over to visit soon…
    Christint, it will be all so much better in retrospect… The internet thing IS driving me crazy
    I wish we could have, too Mimi, I have to get over and read about it now that I have access (most days). We are west of
    Cahors, south of
    Bergerac. I love this whole are and we’ve stayed near Cahors quite a few times.