Seafood Risotto; Appreciating the ‘olden days’ — 9 Comments

  1. Two years ago we thought it would be fun to spend Christmas at our place in Michigan . . . on Lake Michigan. We got into the cabin but it was like outside (ok there was no wind). If you sat down, you froze __. Then we discovered the furnace was out . . .
    Four days later working with the HVAC guys we finally had the floor furnace going. 24 hours later we gave up the motel, the house was heated and the rest of the family arrived.

  2. The Lymond Chronicles are may favourite series of historical novels with a little romance thrown in for good measure. Lymond has gotten me through many a cold night. It is late and a little cold here at the computer but a huge plate of this tempting and special risotto would warm me up!!!!

  3. Joelen, and mon mari got to clean them all… Bless him!
    Tanna, that must have been AWFUL! I hate cold… I like motels LOL
    Val, thanks the book recommendations. I am out of reading and ready to hit Amazon!

  4. Katie—A great post! I think the appreciation many of us have of cooking is linked to your story about keeping warm. Unlike far too much of modern life, it is a very direct act. One weekend when I was teaching college, I helped my landlord repair the roof on my renovation-in-progress apartment. Prior to doing so, water would run down one kitchen wall when it rained [fortunately it would leak right through at the baseboard into the vacant apartment below mine. The next Monday as I stood lecturing my students about post-war American art or some such thing, it struck me that what I was doing there was essentially hunting and gathering. Talking about art was feeding me and making sure I had a warm place to sleep. By contrast, the roof repair felt refreshingly direct and honest. If my kitchen stayed dry the next time it rained [and it did], it would be because of something I had done. Of course I continued teaching art and didn’t go out and become a roofer, so it must have only been a fleeting pleasure!

  5. Terry, I rarely do something constructive with my hands… but it does give a lot of pleasure. Oh wait, I garden…that counts!