Pork Tenderloin with Sweet and Sour Cabbage; Avignon, Bridge at Millau — 9 Comments

  1. It was very cold last week around here, Avignon is only about 35 minutes from my place. If you come back in the summer, I’ll meet you for lunch 🙂
    Your pork and cabbage looks very warming!

  2. This doesn’t sound long enough cooking time for pork – but the combination sounds wonderful!

  3. Avignon is wonderful! We loved it, even the kids didn’t get tired of strolling the city. Of course it was summer. And theater festival. But still.

  4. Ooh, we’re big pork tenderloin fans and I’ll have to try this! I don’t usually buy cabbage but this looks great!

  5. I hope all is going smoothly with the house. I love the photos you post. It’s so fun to get little glimpses of life from across the globe.

  6. Poppy Fields… summer would be better. It WAS cold on Friday!
    AoSC, it is, if you brown it first and tenderloin stays, well, tender….
    Baking Soda, I’m told that in summer the wind is welcome…
    Susan, and I would enjoy having you for dinner ;-))
    Joelen, the problem with cabbage is the commitment… We love pork tenderloin, too.
    Lynn, I;m not sure smoothly is exactly the right word….
    Tanna, windy… as in blowing down the Christmas trees…

  7. We talked about going to Millau, but first we had to tackle the big bridge near Cahors. One day the Garmin led us over it. All of a sudden, my husband, his hands tightly on the wheel, his eyes straight ahead, hissed, “We’re on the bridge.”
    We’ve driven under it dozens of times. We’ve taken pictures of it. Suddenly we were on it so fast neither of us got scared.