Scalloped Potatoes; Having faith…. Maybe — 6 Comments

  1. I’ve been making similar pomme gratin since visiting France. I do add a little garlic. Love them! Tickled to hear about Lake Wobegone. We have listened to Garrison Keillor on Saturday nights since 1982.

  2. It’s still a faith issue for me to mail a package here in the US. I’ve had packages go astray and at that point a receipt is as helpful as a piece of toilet paper. Less so, because the t.p. at least has some use.

  3. I agree about peeling potatoes.
    And the French, for all their legendary love of bureaucracy often make things simple. That is the real French paradox.
    I love scalloped potatoes, by the way.

  4. Tanna, faith… is waning…
    Susan, I also listen to him when I’m in the US – we’ve been fans as long, I think.
    Joelen, hard to miss with cheese and potatoes, thanks!
    Lynn, ah, a receipt… that would have been nice.
    Mimi, if it arrives safely I will, once again, have my faith restored. I don’t know why I ever doubt…