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Swiss Steak, sort of; Who’s smarter: Pavlov? Or Pavlov’s Dog — 4 Comments

  1. Looking good, Katie. You are making good progress, it seems! I’m sorry I have no memories of anything Swiss from my childhood, but this dish looks pretty good!

  2. The doggy seems to have trained you!!! Not the other way around ;D. You must care for her a lot… why not install something so that she can do it herself alone? Like those little doors cats have to get out.
    I’m not sure I would do this for Boleta… sleeping well is sacred!!!!!
    Mmmmm your pork chops look great Katie! and that sauce… your mari knows how a good steak should be eaten ;D

  3. I was just thinking about you! Wow! Look at all that work, we are just sitting around thinking about what we want to do and you are really doing it!
    And YES, my mom always made swiss steak but she used the cheap cow hearts instead of real steak. Trying to dupe us by giving it a european name and calling it swiss steak. lol, i can see myself doing this now!
    happy house vibes for you, its going to be wonderful to have it shored up and windows closed

  4. Lucy, we’re starting to make progress. It just took a while to ‘get in the groove’
    Nuria, they have me very well trained… But they are such lovers, it’s hard to resist.
    Thanks, Riana, We thought we were moving to a warmer climate… Fools! Good thing I kept the long underwear!