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The STOVE!!!!! and The Land of the White Dogs — 12 Comments

  1. Hi Katie, Your pictures are beautiful! Congrats on your new stove. We make use of one as well during these colder months, and each weekend, I look forward to a restful read beside it. Last night we went for a drink at a local pub and someone commented on our smelling like woodstove 🙂 I don’t even notice anymore…I do get a certain sense of satisfaction from lighting a fire though – such a primitive joy. Happy New Year!

  2. Ah – love the stove…careful with the glass doors! and I just love the dogs..how many are yours? What kind are they? I’m sure anyone wearin black to your house leaves pretty hairy, we know, we have a golden retriever.

  3. I bet those dogs are nice and warm to snuggle up to… Not sure which I’d like best though, possibly the lovely new stove – less work!! Enjoy.

  4. Can just imagine trying to walk through the herd of dogs 🙂 How did you not get knocked over?? I have enough trouble with a cat underfoot.
    It’s surprising how much warmth some wood stoves put out. I know someone that manages to heat his entire house with one. We have one in the basement and it is horribly underused. Heats great, but my husband is waiting for a really cold day….apparently 5F isn’t cold enough.

  5. Jen, smell like a wood stove? Most days I smell like a whole smoked ham….
    Our Juicy Life – in the first photo our re the brown/black one (The bitch) and the white one on the right – yes, the glass – I saw.
    Amanda, they are all snugglers!
    Shayne, and they would love to play with him – little human puppy..
    Sra, yes, cute… and big – want a puppy?
    Cymry, I was terrified when the all started running around me and playing on the mountains.. Picturing myself going ass over appetite all the way to the bottome!

  6. If that is the view from your terrace, then I am even more jealous of you than ever! Worth all the removations, I’d say.
    Happy New Year!