Tomato Meatball Soup; The Throne Room — 7 Comments

  1. Your house is … coming along? I like the toilet outstanding in its field.
    And the meatball soup – perfect. It’s my daughter’s favorite soup – her grandmother gives it to her out of a can, her grandfather calls it “dog soup”. I’ve been wanting to try a real version of it.

  2. Tanna and Lucy, people may laugh… but that IS a nice toilet… and greatly appreciated.
    Slowly, Magpie, slowly… “Dog Soup”? I love it!

  3. ANY toilet that works and is indoors is just fine by me!
    Katie, I’ve just looked at the house photos – what a project you’re undertaking. My husband is a building designer so I’ve seen my fair share of fixer-uppers. Yours takes the cake. Oh, those beautiful, hand-hewn beans!
    Like Tanna, I make my rendition of your lovely soup with Italian sausage.

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