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Brussels Sprouts, 2 Ways; Struggling to find the Bright Side — 14 Comments

  1. I love sprouts but have trouble bringing myself to eat them anytime after christmas. Dunno why!

  2. Oh, my — what wild weather you’re having! I hope things have calmed down and are back to normal now. And — how I wish I had bought those Brussels sprouts and leeks I saw at the grocery store yesterday!

  3. Katie, that is some story. I’ve been hearing and reading about those winds.
    I love sautéed Brussels sprouts. We had them last night – roasted with pearl onions and carrots.
    And I have had a room with vibrating beds – it was a perfectly respectable hotel – a well-known chain – in South Bend, Indiana.

  4. Shall we call you Josephine! 😉
    What an adventure you are living, thank heavens you can still at least eat well!

  5. we had the same weather you had. They said the winds were 70 mph. We live tucked into the woods and the trees were bending over (big trees), there was a huge one that fell from across the road into our meadow, blocking the road until a nice farmer came down with his chainsaw. Our rivers are so swollen and we had a lot of flooding too, not at our house but we were without power on Saturday and it was a drag! Glad you are back with power and freshly showered.

  6. I can’t believe . . .
    panting so hard it was like being in a cheap hotel…
    You know (or maybe you don’t…)the kind with a vibrating bed?
    I really should know better than to open one of your post when Gorn is sleeping next to me. I wake him every time!
    Sometimes shopping is just the very best idea.

  7. Isn’t it fun to play the Glad Game? But somehow, even knowing that the food won’t spoil, having the whole house at refrigerator temperature (or lower) makes playing the Glad Game just a little more difficult.
    SO sorry to hear that your power is out! That is horrible especially in winter!
    Hope there wasn’t too much rain damage.
    Both Brussels sprouts dishes sound great. I especially like the sound of the one with the leeks. So much so that I’ll look for Brussels sprouts at the vegetable store today. I think we neeeeeeed to try this.

  8. Katie,
    Whew… Karen and I were chatting on Skype last night and wondering how you had fared!
    Glad to see, you even got some cheap hotel thrills from the whole affair 😉

  9. Lisa, it was a wild ride!
    Scott, just as well I didn’t post the recipe with chestnuts, then….
    Mimi, I need to roast some – haven’t done that this year…. I didn’t have to put a quarter in mine…
    Natshaya, cooking in the dark was NOT fun, the wine helped…
    Our Juicy Life, you are lucky, living with all those trees! Our power finally came back yesterday…. The shower… Oh yes!
    Tanna, glad to entertain… Tell Gorn I’m sorry – or to stay up later!
    Elizabeth, these few days were a struggle. I’m becoming a wimp!
    breadchick, cheap thrills are better than no thrills, right?

  10. What an adventure. I went through something similar last Spring. We had sustained 90 mph winds for 7 hours. My dog Daisy panted for hours and ended up in the bathroom with her head facing the corner next to the toilet. I think she was trying to tell me that was the safe place to be. We have gone through remodeling too. Glad I found your funny blog – but too late to vote. Next year.

  11. Chiming in, once again late, but this time I’ve got a good excuse because I’m just barely beginning to recover from a ghastly respiratory flu – to tell you that I commiserate with your power outage. We had one for 5 days one winter. After the first 12 hours they are no fun. No fun at all. Nice Sprouts, Katie!!

  12. We heard about the storm Glad you are all safe.
    We have friends in the Marina at Ibiza that was scary for them.
    I almost wished for winter when I saw the sprouts recipes. That’s one thing I miss at this time of the year.,

  13. My mother always chose to defrost the freezer in mid-winter, so that she could just dump the contents on the back porch.
    Also, head lamps are awesome. Period, end of story.

  14. Penny, I was afraid to let mine outside for fear they would just take off running! Dogs do not like wind!
    Christine, hope you are feeling better. 5 days!!!! Ouch!
    Gilli, I heard the seas were rough. Portuguese fisherman needing rescue and all that. 20 foot swells.
    Magpie, porches in winter in cold climates make great fridges. And the head lamps – wonderful. Ours are ‘dynamo’ so it’s hand wind and no batteries… maybe not as bright, but you know it’ll work…