Chicken Divan; A toilet? INSIDE the house?!

How did I ever get to 600? (posts)

Here’s what Emma thinks of that accomplishment:

She’s rendering her opinion from the other side of the kitchen table.


Yes, she’s that big.

That also describes her thoughts on spending an hour stuck in the mud on flat ground at Vlad’s house this morning.

Mon mari wasn’t particularly pleased about that one, either.

For those of you who have been waiting on pins and needles to see what we’ve accomplished in the last week:

Not only can I now pee inside the house… I can do so inside an actual room with an actual door inside the house.


I knew you’d be thrilled.  The neighbors are.

Don’t you love the way the wires are draped?

Mon mari was so happy with the door that he immediately locked himself in the bathroom.

Something about it closing accidentally and not having a knob…

Yeah, right….

I played stripper in the kitchen over the weekend.


It’s ready for new wall paper.  Paint is expensive here so the walls will be papered again, with a white textured paper; one wall in blue.

At least they hadn’t papered the ceilings in this house!

The biggest accomplishment was getting the water hooked up.


He wouldn’t let me drive the backhoe…..

But I got this cute little ‘Dynamo’ head lamp when we went shopping so I’m happy.


You just wind it for a minute and it shines for 40!

It may look weird, wearing a flashlight (torch) on my head, but now I can read in bed!

And in my reading….

I saw that ‘retro food’ is in….

I believe this qualifies.

The recipe, Chicken Divan, has been updated, nutrition information added, and re-posted here: Chicken Divan

Back to work… Where’s David Rose when you need him?

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17 thoughts on “Chicken Divan; A toilet? INSIDE the house?!”

  1. Keep ’em coming. There’s something about preparing a house and preparing a meal meanwhile that makes for good reading. Thanks for another interesting and entertaining post.

  2. Yay for indoor peeing!
    I bet the dogs will be happy when you guys stop marking their territory.
    Your dish looks perfectly comforting, a great way to celebrate a warm bottom.

  3. Everything about Chicken Divan appeals to me EXCEPT the broccoli. How do you stop the broccoli from turning into mush? (What a flashback that gave me!! I had broccoli for the very first time when Mom made the Chicken Divan in her “Dinner Party Cookbook”. Remarkable that broccoli was so exotic.)
    How thrilling to be able to close the door! (Can you open it yet?)

  4. Tanna, the neighbors are delighted to have only 1 moon in their sky again…
    Val, and it was getting verrrry cold!
    And thank you for a lovely comment, 4 Borders!
    Sra, I was actually a bit surprised and amazed myself ;-))
    Natashya, they (the dogs) were getting so tired of always having to pee on my pee…..
    Jude, they really are handy – and such a fashion statement!
    Lien, next is laying tile… Hmmmmm
    Elizabeth, you just barely cook it first… and don’t bake too long… It had been years since I made this… and yes, broccoli was terribly exotic and chichi… along with cauliflower!

  5. The mental pictures of the ecstatic neighbours and their reinstated single moon are great 😉 So glad to see you have inside facilities again. Garderobes emtying down the castle walls are so, well, last century (or two!) 😉

  6. The mental pictures of the ecstatic neighbours and their reinstated single moon are great 😉 So glad to see you have inside facilities again. Garderobes emtying down the castle walls are so, well, last century (or two!) 😉

  7. My sister recently had a new house built in CA (she missed all the fun of doing it all herself!). I was visiting when the painter stopped by. I mentioned how expensive paint was in France, not expecting him to have a clue. He told me that the quality of European paint was sooooo much better, American stuff was crap because everybody wants cheap stuff. He only uses something that is as close as he can find to what we get here.
    Not that this makes French paint prices more affordable, but at least having to pay the price is a bit more palatable knowing it’s considered superior by professionals.
    Hope that helps!

  8. Oomph Katie that is so sexy! Headlamp, book, face cream, wearing flannels…aahhh!
    So that’s why the ceilings in France are often wall-papered, I didn’t know; spent hours watching the roses grow on the ceiling (while I could have had fun wearing a headlamp etc.).
    Great going on the WC! (eh yes, that too!)

  9. Jeanne, and pretty soon we’ll be able to flush with the little push-thingy rather than a bucket!
    Azurienne, it helps… In theory. Most of the people we know buy their paint in the UK.;-))
    Baking Soda… How did you know about the flannels????
    The song ‘I’m too sexy for my shirt’ comes to mind…

  10. Katie, Thanks for a Chicken Divan recipe without mayonaise! I had stopped making it because of that. Will try this one gladly. Check out my kitchen picture sometime – it wasn’t long ago I was where you are now. The rewards of construction are worth it.

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