Cream of Celery Soup; My last complaints….. (About time) — 9 Comments

  1. You deserve a little kvetching from time to time when you are dragging an old house, kicking and screaming, into the 21st century. Rag away! We enjoy your rants as much as your recipes!

  2. That reminds me when I lived in Japan, they often don’t use insulation in their apartment buildings. My roommate and I didn’t have any money so the heater was only used a little so essentially the apartment was at near freezing every night. I really messed with some of the food we had.

  3. I think you are allowed to complain, brave as you are chiselling away to get to your food. But just think how even more wonderful your finished house will be… some day… when it’s done…. in the meantime we can enjoy your wonderful stories.

  4. Natashya, you’ll never go back!
    Tanna, and it was so easy!
    Zoomie, it is rather reluctant to be modernized at times…
    Bread Baker, boy can I relate to that! Although, if you were in a middle apartment, your neighbors could help keep you warm…
    Lien, someday seemed a lot closer before we started… Like everyone else, I’m afraid.
    Pam, it was cold. Even after we ‘warmed’ the kitchen it wouldn’t pour~

  5. That soup sounds lovely. All I want is soup these days. Soup with big grainy chunks of bread or multi-grain rolls from the French Bakery.
    Katie, your post takes me back…was it really only four months ago?

  6. Each fall we go over to Trevi, famous for it’s ‘black’ celery – stringless, huge and VERY tasty (sweet, never bitter!), and cream of celery soup is about the only way we can be sure to use up all the celery we buy! Luckily it freezes very well.