Filet Mignon with Shallot and Red Wine Reduction; Neat Meat — 9 Comments

  1. Those are the most beautiful steaks I have ever seen. Clearly we are lacking in butchering pride here in small town Ontario grocers.
    I love your red wine sauce as well, the balsamic must give it that je ne sais quoi!
    Now I am starving…

  2. Looks delish! We have found that European butchers cut meat quite differently than in America. It seems that the meat is sometimes cut with the grain instead of against it in Europe, and it seems tougher. We do so enjoy going to the butcher when in France and bringing home the meat to cook in our gite. We are always learning, but have not learned the names of the cuts yet.

  3. The only thing I’d have done differently is cooked the steaks with the fat attached for flavor, then taken it off to serve (and fed it to my girl dog as a treat!). It looks so incredibly, fantastically good!

  4. Despite all my coverage of commercial meat issues, I still like a good steak. We get our in a bit of a different manner (back door of a small slaughter house, 1/2 beef at a time, from a guy with “stuff” on his boots and apron and a large knife at his side.
    I might have been tempted to leave the fat on … 🙂 But guilt and high cholesterol would have prevailed.

  5. Joelen, It is good with pork… I haven’t tried chicken – yet!
    Natashya, butchers are still an honored profession here – and a very good friend to have!
    Susan, I’m still very confused over some of the cuts. But I’m pretty good with pointing..
    Zoomie, it never seems as if this type of fat adds any flavor… I’d rather use streaky bacon (Ha, and you thought I was being good)
    Expat Chef, I’m with you, all good intentions aside, there’s nothing like a good slab of rare beef!
    Sorry, sweetie… and we ate it ALL!