Pasta with Turkey, Leeks and Peas; make your TV worth your time — 6 Comments

  1. Kathleen, your fly problem is coming from eggs being laid and, now that you have turned the heat on (when your power is working) are hatching. It simply means that somewhere a crach exists, probably around a window or door, that goes all the way to the outside that allow the initial fly(ies) to enter and lay their eggs. Thay may never hace actually entered the house but the interior heat has caused them to migrate inside rather than wait for warm weather and going out. enjoy your blog and recipes.

  2. Your pasta look like melt in your mouth type of dish. Sounds really delicious. My mouth water!

  3. It sounds like when we stayed with our daughter and her husband for the first 5 months of our move to Halifax…an old tv with videos but no actual television.
    Not sure things are better now that we can watch which ever shows we want.
    The pasta looks wonderful, thanks for sharing with Presto Pasta Nights.

  4. Oh. what wonderful comfort food! I could go four months without TV, but I doubt my own mari could

  5. Virginia, actually, we think there are 2 spots – 1 in the bedroom window and 1 in the window above the sink. They hatch EVERY day in the bedroom but only about once a week in the kitchen. If we weren’t just renting we get an exterminator!
    Thanks Elra, that’s my goal!
    Zoomie, expensive though… maybe, in a few years I’ll find it on amazon marketplace
    Ruth, I remember that. Exactly the same! I do miss the news…
    Mimi, it’s tough on him… and, as I said, I miss knowing what’s happening in the world.