Poached Egg with Fried Gnocchi; He’s a good boy! (apparently) — 7 Comments

  1. I voted too, and I’ll have what Amanda’s having!
    Sounds like a really good breakfast as well as your “starter”!

  2. Seriously, you make us all look like total whimps with your limited kitchen and your fantastic dishes. Keep on rubbing salt into my wounds.

  3. i love reading your stories about you and mon mari – each meal seems to be an adventure!

  4. Isn’t it nice when the universe sends scavengers to take away the very things you don’t want anyway? We’ve had the same happen with felled trees — we don’t want the wood, someone else does. Perfect!

  5. Amanda and Cindy, thanks for voting! We like having breakfast for starters… We’re cereal in the morning people…
    Tanna, shh, he already does!
    Ruth, I have to have something…. But it is forcing me to be a bit inventive.
    Maria, only too true, lately!
    Lydia, these guys were a godsend!