Pork Chops Diablo; Progress, finally… — 14 Comments

  1. Ooo, I love the kitchen tiles!
    Hey–the last line of the recipe says add more hot sauce if desired. But I don’t see hot sauce being added in before that. Is there supposed to be a few dashes along the way?

  2. Amy, good catch… I don’t use hot sauce as I am a wimp… Mon mari adds it to his. So, I corrected it to be add hot sauce when and if….. And thanks (about the tiles)

  3. Those are some saucy chops! I would definitely say yes to the hot sauce, they look awesome and finger licking good.
    So nice to have the babies with you, I am sure they enjoy it too. I love the orange tiles, orange is the colour of happiness.

  4. Katie, I stand in awe! I’ve just perused your photo album again. How you can run your blog and renovate a house that is in such dire need of extensive renovation is quite beyond me. Do you have a T-shirt that has a big red S on the front? Or maybe it should be SW – Super Woman!

  5. Natashya, they are so happy to be released from day-prison. Glad you like the tiles. We won’t talk about the selection process.
    Christine, actually it has a big CW = crazy woman!
    Thanks, Terry and Amanda… yes, finally, progress!

  6. Wow! Great to see the progress…I agree you are a Super Woman…and you and your hubby are the dynamic duo 🙂
    Yummy pork chops…I’m all for spicy! 🙂

  7. Katie – Happy New Year! Wow! Love the tile work! And I do understand the thing about stone walls. It’s the same but more difficult than adobe walls. Adobe might feel like stone when you’re chiseling out a channel, but it isn’t. But you are making progress, and that’s fabulous.
    And those pork chops look like they would hit just the right spot after a day of working…

  8. Hi Katie your house is coming along nicely albeit slowly. But think how great it will be when it is finished. Its looking fab.
    I cringe when I hear about the cold and really feel for you we of course are basking in sunshine having the best summer for ages.
    The pork chops look really tasty they should warm the cockles of your heart!!!

  9. Hi Katie, admire your will to get it all done. Tiles are lovely. There is a difference between “hot” and “spicy”. Today, too often they are understood as the same. Keep warm.

  10. The pictures of home renovation chill me to the bone. But the pork chops warm me up! Happy New Year, by the way, and bon courage with your renovation!

  11. Sounds like a fun project with stone walls and all. My back hurts just from reading about it.

  12. Joey, spicy is good!
    Toni, Happy New Year! And thanks…. It’s nice when someone understands!
    Gilli, Yes, I think about you basking in the sunshine… when I’m huddled by my stove…
    Hi Judith, yes…I like spicy but can’t really deal with hot!
    Betty, and Happy New Year to you! Things have been rather ‘chilling’ lately… but, today the sun shines!
    Jude, does that mean you’re not coming to help?