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Sausage and Cabbage Risotto; Just how cold is it? — 10 Comments

  1. Katie, you are hylarious!!!! I always smile when reading your posts and often I laugh :D. YOur sense of humour is fantastic! If mon mari was living in that house… he would have stayed there for 1 nanosecond and then rushed into a warm hotel room!!!! He never sees “the possibilities” that old broken houses have! I do… but not as much as you.
    I think you should read Twilight in case you haven’t done so… it’s about people that could live in your house…
    Darling, you are welcome to move over my house anytime… eventhough, it’s snowing (yes you heard well) we have central heating and would love to share it with you!!!!!!!!!
    You bring that rissoto over with you and I turn the heating on ;D

  2. I hope that risotto was warming enough to counteract Vlad’s house! Brrr! And be careful how you describe the “steamiest photo” contest or you could get some Dusies!

  3. The cabbage commitment, I know it well..
    Great risotto – it has Germanic leanings!
    Stay warm, bundle up, cuddle, and try to convince the dogs to sleep on your feet.

  4. It’s so hot here that I’d give anything for a day or two in Vlad’s. When I was in Japan, my favourite place in winter was the bathroom because they have these heated toilet seats. A little bit of heaven on the throne 🙂
    Your Sausage and Cabbage Risotto sounds perfect for the cold weather. Makes me want to turn up the air conditioning high 🙂

  5. Nuria, snow in Barcelona? It must be cold. I can’t imagine. Stay warm. I have not read Twilight – added to my Amazon with list.
    Zoomie, that’s kind of what I was thinking… both comments.
    Natashya, the dogs have been invited into the bedroom to contribute heat… I don’t know if the bed would hold all of us!
    Uh, Sandi… What did you say your address is?
    Dee, It’s hot somewhere? I hope I can remember this next summer. Rumor has it that it gets hot here, too ;-))