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Shrimp, Feta and Greek Olive Pasta; French for ‘doohickey’ — 13 Comments

  1. Hi Katie. Hilarious story with the French people. Thanks for participating with this very Greek style pasta dish. I will make it soon.

  2. I get by, when in France, with “ce petit truc-la” and often that works, especially when I’m pointing to said truc. 🙂

  3. It is not like Quebecois where you can just stick “Le” in front of everything.. Le hot dog, le flat tire…
    Pasta indeed soothes all troubles, yours looks delicious.

  4. Your stories cannot be real!!! You are probably a couple of Americans leaving in a N.Y. appartment, inventing all these situations and having a good laugh of us! It can’t be real!!!! Not all of them!
    Katie, eventhough all your misadventures, that pasta dish says EAT ME!

  5. The trials may not be wonderful, but your dishes always are and this one especially captures me. I even have all the ingredients on hand. Perhaps we can both pretend we’re somewhere warm and sunny slurping it up and sharing a bottle of wine. Thanks for sharing with Presto Pasta Nights. In any language, it looks delicious.
    Good luck with all the renos.

  6. Ivy, thanks, every day is an adventure!
    Zoomie, thanks!!!! I’ve duly made a note… but that won’t help on the phone. I need a video-phone…
    Peter, I’m getting closer – one day I’m actually going to visit – (Greece, that is, not your table – although…)
    Natashya, oh my, the language police would be all over that – although we do have ‘le weekend’
    Nuria, all too real, I’m afraid…
    Lucy, that is such a huge relief!!!!
    Shayne, thanks… although we appreciate what the mud represents.
    Thanks, Ruth… It’s a challenge, (rewarded by pasta)
    Tigerfish, I’ll be right over!

  7. Apparently based on how I speak in English, my kids did NOT want me to learn the French equivalent for unknown stuff: truc. It’s a beautiful word. Learn it well, use it often! Covers every situation. No less suitable on the phone than any other word you can’t express.

  8. Tanna, the faucets will be working soon… Or so I’m told…
    Azurienne, I even looked it up and played the pronunciation for mon mari! Very useful word, indeed. Thanks for commenting ;-))