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Tuna Cakes; The Right Sort — 12 Comments

  1. Those tuna cakes look awesome, Katie! I hope that you have a wonderful 2009!

  2. Tricky indeed! The mere mention of “our kind of people” always want to make me check my zippers, nails, secretly polish my shoes on the back of my pants… I never feel as if I belong. Either group. Don’t know if I want to. Thank god for tuna cakes.

  3. When we moved to Rhode Island, it was the same thing. We didn’t use the schools, churches, political system here, and I worked from home, so it took a while to meet people. Keep yourself open to everyone; that’s the best way. And look for the ones who like to cook — those are my kind of people!

  4. Thanks, JennDZ, and to you, too!
    Baking Soda, or check for spinach in my front teeth… Makes me feel 10 years old!
    Tanna, I used to be the one other mother’s warned against…. Don’t tell!
    Lydia, good advice – always look for foodies! At least there will be common ground!

  5. Well, these look like “my kind” of tuna cakes. If you can’t get crab (I’m a Dungeness snob myself) for crab cakes, then tuna cakes are a wonderful Next Best Thing.
    Good luck navigating the waters!
    Bonne Année!

  6. We make something similar to this using that fake crab (white fish). It never occurred to me to use tuna. What a good idea, Katie.
    Yikes. I can’t begin to imagine going to visit someone who has said, “our sort of people”. Red flags are flying crazily and I can automatically feel my nostrils flaring just a little as I imagine myself trying to gracefully wiggle out of having to go, trying desperately not to shriek.
    Happy New Year!
    P.S. Now I have an urge to go and look in my closet and note that I haven’t got a THING to wear when visiting people to meet “our sort of people”….

  7. Loulou, the price of crab is soo outrageous here!
    Elizabeth, I never have the ‘right’ thing to wear… And I always want to do something really outrageous!

  8. Tuna cakes! is it taste good? i will bake that soon,thanks for sharing this ingredients.

  9. Tuna cake looks so delicious! I’ve never tried a Tuna cake before. Glad that you’ve post the recipe. I’ll try to do that some other time. Thanks!