Croissants, Part Deux: The Bread Baking Buddies

It’s time for the Babelicious round-up!

(Mon mari is a fan of E!, the entertainment show.  I’m quite certain it’s because of the witty repartee of the hosts and has nothing to do with the half-clad Babes)

Quite a few bakers braved the Bread Baking Babes’ Croissants to earn their Bread Baking Buddy Badges this month….

First to make these buttery creations was Natashya, of Living in the Kitchen with Puppies.

I would say, she succeeded very well indeed!


The next courageous baker was Gretchen, of Canela and Comino:


Hygeia, of Phamished, scaled her Everest of baking rather nicely, I think:


Marjoke, of Company in the Kitchen made a lovely trayful:


Singing Horse, of The Peaceable Kingdom, made a vegan version, which is most impressive:


Judy, of Judy’s Gross Eats, gives a (subtle) salute to Clint Eastwood with her lovely effort:


Astrid, of Paulchen’s Food Blog?!  made a version with spelt flour rather than wheat:


And finally, Natalia, of gatti fili e farina, battled an alien invasion to conquer her croissants:


Wow!!!! What a talented group of bakers!!!!

Not to mention all of the Babes who created scrumptious croissants:

Bake My Day, I Like to Cook, Living on Bread and Water, Lucullian Delights,  My Kitchen in Half Cups, Grain Doe, Notitie van Lien, The Sour Dough, Cookie Baker Lynn

I’m just going to go stick my head in the oven in shame….

Oh, wait….



If I missed anyone… Please let me know…

I’ll fix it!

4 thoughts on “Croissants, Part Deux: The Bread Baking Buddies”

  1. I love how they are all different and all delicious looking. Such beautiful layers and colouring.
    Makes me want to eat them all over again!

  2. All those croissants look amazing! Thanks for hosting, and giving me the opportunity to scale my Everest! I hope you get to un-box your oven soon!

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