My kingdom for a toaster~ — 21 Comments

  1. But Chere, you are in France!
    A baguette, a hunk of cheese and a bottle of wine (for the love of god, find the corkscrew..)
    Are all that you need.
    Your shower is indeed lovely, and since you have no kitchen yet.. I can’t help but think of the Seinfeld episode when Kramer starts showering with his produce to combine tasks..

  2. Oh, Kate, I can so relate! We had 3 storage buildings full of our stuff and packed so tight you couldn’t get to the back and of course the last stuff that went on the truck (essentials like coffee pot, mugs, plates and silverware) were the first to be unloaded to the way back of the unit – never to be seen for months. Our labeling became as manic as yours at the end. Sorry to laugh, but what else can you do? You have my complete empathy. Penny

  3. Well as long as you can see the light at then of the tunnel it will be all good. In the meantime pizza will have to do:D But I do look forward to more of your delicious treats:D

  4. You can do laundry and shower, so it’s all good. You can always go out for coffee or dinner, but going out to shower doesn’t work as well. Hope you find the essentials soon and your husband survives!

  5. Katie what more could you want: you have running water, a toilet that flushes, a shower with a door that swings, a washer and dryer AND beds to sleep on . . . gosh woman . . .
    137 -138 . . . that is a total classic my friend.
    Get a cork screw, that should make it ok.

  6. Hey… new house??? You’ve got your Turkish delight!
    I was pleasantly surprised to see you following Kate as well.

  7. I know it’s wrong to laugh at others’ misfortunes; I really do. But I just can’t help myself!! I was pretty much in control until I got to “stuff she never uses”. And from there, well, you know…
    The rest of the house looks fabulous!! Congratulations on being able to be in your own place. And from the looks of things, you don’t need plates just yet, you could eat off the beautifully pristine floor in the laundry room. And knives and forks? Phhtt!! what are fingers for? 😉
    (I like Tanna’s idea too. And if you can’t find the corkscrew, you can always resort to marc – that comes in a screwtop bottle, doesn’t it?)

  8. Oh dear, I feel your pain! That’s how I felt our last days (and first days) of moving. Just keep up hope – it will all be worth it in the end and your house will be so lovely and wonderful – just look at what you have already accomplished with so little!!! xoxo

  9. Oh Katie, I hate unpacking my kitchen and I’ve been guilty of packing the toaster and plates in a place I couldn’t find.
    Can’t wait to see your new oven in place!! But think, shower and heat!?

  10. Kate
    Tks! for make me feel normal!!!!I’m a brazilian expat women, so when I move I have many boxes full of my stufs, and sometimes I ask to me : Why I have so many things to carry????????

  11. If you get him to take you out to dinner every night until the essentials come to light – perhaps that would get things moving quicker? What you’ve achieved so far is fabulous – and I hope that you are warmer now you’re out of Vlad’s place?
    Good luck

  12. Penny, But we’re supposed to know better; this is our 4th major move! But, we hadn’t planned on this much of a delay… It’ll be funny next year.
    Val, as long as the lights not a train.
    Natashya, I remember that episode – good idea! It was good pizza and we had wine…
    Lynn, showering is key…He’ll live.
    Zoomie, he’s been very today – doing whatever I ask!
    Maria, we found it – in time for breakfast.
    Scott, so do I! This one is very, very old….
    Hi Teresa!
    Tanna, I know, I really need to stop complaining.
    Elizabeth, got the corkscrew… And it is really good not to have to leave at the end of the day.
    Michelle, I feel so much better now that I can have coffee.
    Breadchick, for the first time in 4 months, we are warm… Might even have to give up 1 layer of long underwear…
    Lulu, good thing he doesn’t read the blog… or not…
    Glaucia, I wonder that myself… all the time! It’s ridiculous – but I keep doing it.
    Joanna, the problem is, he’d be happy with that plan… He could quit work earlier every day…

  13. Is that a freezer in your laundry room? At this point in time, my washing machine is in the bathroom, where the old bidet had been, my dryer is downstairs in my bedroom because I didn’t want to put a brand new appliance outside, and my upright freezer is in my living room because one of us has never closed in the old entree to be a temporary laundry (i.e.; storage) room, which is where the freezer was intended to go.
    See, look on the bright side. You’ve got a beautiful room for all three!

  14. On the one hand, I could say “Poor Katie”…on the other hand I could say”Katie has a beautiful home in FRANCE and I don’t!!!” Tough decision!

  15. Oh, men are all alike.
    Stuff She Never Uses.
    I hear that all the time.
    The bedroom looks cozy! And the shower is wonderful

  16. Azurienne, it is nice – we had the dryer outside for 4 months at Vlad’s. It doesn’t work as well in freezing weather outside….
    Cindy, I’ll go for the sympathy… Right now anyway….
    Mimi, aren’t they just! As if he uses everything in his shop!

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