Orzo with Prosciutto, Risotto-Style; Confession is highly over-rated… — 12 Comments

  1. Katie, I feel better knowing that I am not the only one who does those kinds of things. Thanks for the confession, and for the lovely recipe.

  2. I seem to have a similarly steep learning curve when it comes to pan handles. I specifically chose a metal-handled sauté pan the last time I replaced one, so that it could go into the oven. I have no problem remembering to use a potholder when I’m removing it from the oven. I just can’t seem to grasp the notion that the handle stays hot for a loooong time afterward, even when it’s sitting on the stove top.

  3. As far as confessions go, that one wasn’t so bad, Katie! 🙂
    Great looking risotto too – super creamy and yum!

  4. Your posts crack me up…naturally at your expense, so I do hope your hand will survive the next five days! I swear you are the perfect start to any day.
    And your pasta – which may be a pasta COURSE in Italy or a SIDE in the US, but it could be a full meal in my house. Thanks for sharing with Presto Pasta Nights.
    And fingers crossed for your move.

  5. Thanks, Ciaochowlinda!
    Tanna, you probably think I just forgot to include the number, right?
    Julia, I feel better knowing that, too~!
    Zoomie, one would really think we (humans) had evolved further, wouldn’t one?
    Terry B, done that, too!
    Ilyn, that’s what mon mari keeps telling me…
    JennDZ, well, one does get to choose the soul-baring posts, right!
    Ruth, thanks… we need all the good thoughts we can wrangle!

  6. There now. Don’t you feel better having fessed up? (I simply refuse to say how many times I have left bread dough rising in the oven with only the light turned on and completely forgotten that it was there. For hours. If it weren’t for my husband wanting to use the oven, it would probably be for days.)
    Your orzo looks killer-good!