Sautéed Endive with Avocado; Chilblains?!?!?!; Weekly Menu — 9 Comments

  1. Poor you! Endives look lovely though and … I think the mouse would work with mittens, but what about the actual typing part?

  2. ?Funny life stories . . . ?
    Hope that hand feels better.
    I’ve seen lots of cooked endive but this is the most appealing dish with it I’ve seen. Sounds really excellent.

  3. autch! that can be very painfull!
    Please don’t defrost your hands again with almost boiling water… just not a good idea, believe me!
    The trails you have to go through to get a decent house to live in are endless… wish you a warm spring soon.

  4. Wow, I’ve never had cooked endive before – I’ll have to try this! The avo sounds like the perfect foil, too. Great idea – thanks!

  5. Good heavens! Hope your mouse hand heals soon.
    I do remember the hot tap water now… and the realization that “c” didn’t stand for cold…
    I haven’t tried cooking endive, this looks like a nice way to try it – love avacado and balsamic!

  6. You cannot right-click with mittens, trust me on this. But! You can still be funny! 🙂 I’ve just been deleting the last two months’ feed reader accumulation which I couldn’t possibly read, but I kept having to pause and read your posts based on your funny titles.
    So just hang onto your funny, clever brain, and the whole hand/mitten thing will take care of itself. Probably.

  7. Ruth, yeah, that does make it a bit more challenging… I’ll have to suffer until we move and I can be warm.
    Tanna, I’ve never run across cooked endive… always raw. Maybe I’m just not paying attention.
    Lien, and I know better. Sometimes I think my mind is on holiday! Spring… I see crocus peaking through.
    Zoomie, I never had either. I will again!
    Simona, I think it lasts a weeks or so… Lucky me
    Lulu, trust you on this…. Hmmmm, I sense a story there
    Natashya, I remember when I discovered the ‘c’ thing….

  8. Katie,
    Two things: I hope your hand heals soon! My father-in-law got chilblains during a year he spent in a cold house in Ireland and it took a long time to heal. Second – that is one seriously delicious-looking endive recipe!! One that I will definitely make. I’m enjoying every day of your continuing adventures.