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Spinach En Croute, with Tomato Sauce; the countdown begins… — 10 Comments

  1. ugh, 6 days to . . . ?you have to be out of Valad’s?? or Valentines day. . .
    Well, whatever it does look like things are moving to the positive!!
    Love the kitchen ceiling!! Saw horses for the cook top, wow. A guys got to be creative to keep the cook happy.
    Katie, for you both, it will happen!

  2. You are making serious progress there — I can only imagine the rejoicing when you actually have a kitchen! meanwhile, you keep turning out beautiful dishes, and I don’t know how you do it.

  3. Awesome progress and impressed you can still turn out these impressive dishes. I think I would be in a corner rocking back and forth.

  4. It is starting to look like a home!
    Lovely romantic little pouches of deliciousness – a nice thank you for the man who gives you saw-horses!

  5. What wonderful progress you’re making! Love the lights in the bathroom. It took a while before I understood what those horses were… didn’t know the word, but I do understand now (I think).
    Do you have to move out of Vlad’s house in 6 days?

  6. Tanna, we move on Sunday… we think….
    Thanks, Talita!
    Lydia, I’m going to rejoice when I have any kitchen at all!
    Meredith, slowly….
    Jeff, how do you know I’m not?
    Thanks, henhousepottery… Love the name!
    Natashya, there is definitely hope on the horizon
    Lien, I forget what the British call them, would probably be more familiar… Yea, out of Vlad’s!!!!
    Aw, thanks Joey!