Split Peas with Bacon and Onion (not soup); A Good Day…

Split Peas with Bacon and HamPeas

Karmic balance has been restored in my life.

After a, somewhat less than perfect day, yesterday. this one started out good and kept getting better.

First, our house's internal workings were given a clean bill of health:
    The septic tank was pumped and power-scrubbed, getting rid of 50+ years of accumulated detritus, as were all the pipes leading into it.
    The 'kitchen' tank (yes, separate) was pumped again, and power-scrubbed as were all of it's pipes.

Everything is flowing freely.

As he was leaving the phone rang…..

Are  you sitting down?

We're getting our television satellite dish hooked up on Saturday morning.  We've not watched the telly since the end of September, thus missing all of the hoopla over the presidential election in the US.

On the one hand, it's been rather pleasant… I miss the morning news over breakfast, sort of….

On the other hand, our few DVD's and video's are sadly worn and have been watched so many times we can carry on the dialogue without sound.

Next mon mari took a break from a task he LOVES (wood-working, he's started my kitchen cabinets) to track down some chicken wire to mend the gaps in the fence around the garden.  The girl-dogs can now lay in the sunshine, surveying their new dogdom.

Oh yes, mon mari has started my kitchen cabinets...

To top this near-perfect day off, late this afternoon the 'secrétaire de la mairie' phoned to tell us that our Carte de Séjour had, finally, after almost 4 months of total silence, appeared.  We are, once again, legal.
(I was getting worried, we had never received the 'récépissé', (receipt) acknowledging our request, which we usually have in hand within a week of applying, and the whole process should be less than 2 months).

This day has been so good, in fact, that I'm a little worried about tomorrow….MLLA8Logo

But not so worried that I forgot the deadline for this edition of My Legume Love Affair!

This event, celebrating all that is wonderful in beans, peas, lentils, pulses and peanuts, was started by The Well-Seasoned Cook, who also happens to be the host this helping.  She'll have the round-up of all the wonderful recipes the first week in March.

When we first moved into Vlad's house I made soup.

Lots and lots of soup.

I found myself with half of a box of split peas a few weeks ago, when we were getting ready to move to our house.

Mon mari, not a big soup fan to start, was less than enthusiastic about, yet another, pot.

I've only ever eaten split peas in soup, or in a very thick stew with sausage.

But, they were peas, after all.  And peas are a vegetable, aren't they?

I made them as a vegetable side dish.

They were wonderful…

And easy.

They cook almost as fast as lentils, and, like lentils, don't require soaking.

Split Peas with Bacon

I'm a little vague on the amount of water – it would depend on the age of the peas and how you like them.  I had nothing to base this on, so I started with 1 1/2 cups of water, and, as they got close to being done, added a few tablespoons more, now and again, until they were cooked and I had the consistency I wanted.  Naturally, I didn't keep track…

Split Peas with Onion and Bacon

8oz (500gr) split peas, about 1 cup
1 medium onion
3oz (90gr) bacon, 3 – 4 strips
2 – 2 1/2 cups water
1 tsp thyme

Sort through peas and rinse.  Chop onion. Cut bacon into small matchsticks. 
In a medium saucepan, sauté bacon until just starting to get crisp.  Add onion and sauté until transparent.  Add 1 1/2 cups water and scrape the bottom of the pan.  Add the peas and thyme, reduce heat, cover and simmer, 30 – 45 minutes. 
Watch them closely after 25 minutes, stir often and keep the heat low.  Add water, a little at a time until they are cooked through.  They should just start to fall apart, which is the sign that they are done.

This made rather a lot for 2 people as a vegetable side dish…

Mushy Peas on Rice

The next night we finished them off on some brown rice

Aren't we just healthy, though?

8 thoughts on “Split Peas with Bacon and Onion (not soup); A Good Day…”

  1. I LOVE split peas! My mom, being a frugal single parent, would make split pea soup on a regular basis. Never had them as a side, tho. Might just have to try it!
    SO glad your day went well. You were due.

  2. Isn’t this what the English call “mushy peas”?
    I’m particularly fond of yellow split peas — and now you’ve got me thinking. It’s snowing again. I have a chunk of ham in the fridge. Hmmm ….

  3. In French Canada, split peas are used a lot, especially in soup.
    Looks like a French version of dal! Very healthy and tasty.
    Hooray for cabinets! Your man works fast.

  4. Mmmmmm!! Split peas, bacon and onion… sounds delicious. Legumes are great, aren’t they?
    We have just rediscovered the wonders of black-eyed peas Indian style. I had them tonight as leftovers on couscous instead of rice. It turns out that couscous goes very well with black-eyed peas curry (made pretty much the same way as dahl). I love the almost wild flavour of black-eyed peas.
    Glad to hear that you’re legal! AND that you can happily test the bathroom door handle once more.

  5. An excellent recipe to keep your strength up during all the renovations. Haven’t had this in years – really no more difficult than opening a can.
    Thanks for making the time from your crazy workload to share this old-fashioned favorite for MLLA8!
    (Hat’s off to you both for taking on the monumental toil and disruption of major renovations. Just had a good look as some of your in-progress photos – wanted to cry! Of course, it’ll all be amazing when it’s over. : })

  6. Cindy, I love split pea soup, and this, was equally good!
    Charlotte, are these mushy peas??? I didn’t know!!!
    Tigerfish, I always thought mushy peas were fresh… Now I know.
    Lynn, slowly… someday…
    Natashya, where I grew up we had Split Pea Days in summer
    Elizabeth, I’ve never had black-eyed peas…
    Susan, don’t cry… it might make me start ;’))

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