Stir-Fried Chicken and Broccoli with Barley; Mirror, Mirror; Bread Baking Babes — 8 Comments

  1. Got to love that Barley!
    The hair on my chinny chin chin . . .
    No bad babes in our group.
    We only have the hottest Babes and we’re delighted you’ve been along with us.
    Now about this new treatment . . .
    pelt me with whole grains.
    Smear me with butter.
    Douse me in red wine.
    Ooooh, I’m kind of getting into this….
    Dip me in chocolate.
    . . . well yes I believe I could get into some of that.

  2. Well if you’re dousing your bread in wine and dipping it in chocolate that may be your first problem.
    Happy to hear that you have a mirror after all these months, have fun with those brows.
    Whole grains I could sure use a ton of those high fiber babies right now. You know how when most people visit/move to Mexico they have an issue with the water…I have no issues like that. I was so desperate that I started drinking the tap water. Guess what…didn’t work. TMI I know
    I am so happy for you that the house is moving along

  3. At least you know your mari doesn’t mind a long chin hair here and there. I love barley, and it’s nice to get an idea for using it that isn’t just soup.

  4. I love barley, so much more interesting than rice.
    Looks like a wonderfully healthy and warming meal.
    I am no stranger to that one chin hair that keeps coming back…. hubby doesn’t seem to notice.

  5. Tanna, kind of scary how easily I could get into that….
    Shayne, I would be lost without drinkable tap water… Most people here buy water, – I can’t see it if you don’t have to. You, apparently, have to.
    Lulu, he either doesn’t mind or was kind enough not to tell me about something I couldn’t easily take care of.
    Natashya, and why do they keep coming back??? I love barley and am trying it in lots of new ways.

  6. Well Katie, you have good company in Natashya and I with one long hair on our chinny chin chins…
    We are so glad you didn’t kick us to the curb when you decided to move! And by the sounds of things, you just might have your hands in some dough pretty soon!

  7. Katie, you really need to have an oven again, mine are seared by the heat… (I think, no hope. ‘kay going to check now!)
    We’re glad to have you, Happy anniversary to you too and may the seeds drop!
    PS Oh I suddenly remember the hilarious conversation between Ruby Wax (nudge nudge wink wink) and Sandra Bullock… and I found a link! Go on, enjoy!

  8. breadchick, I found my KitchenAid the other day… still in it’s box, tho. One thing at a time!
    Baking Soda, thanks for the laugh! I’m losing all the hair on my hands from feeding the wood stove…