Tomato and Red Pepper Soup; A good day! — 11 Comments

  1. I just love tomato and red pepper soup! It looks delicious. I’d try out your recipe, but I’m hopeless. I’m just enjoying your lovely, VIBRANT RED photo instead. Julia

  2. Your soup looks wonderful, but the best? You’re home, finally home. Enjoy as everything starts to fall into place. I bet the dogs are happier too!!

  3. Grilled cheese was definitely what I was thinking when I eyed this, my mouth is watering for a bowl right now, it helps that it’s so cold outside too!

  4. You are in your own home, and have quick access to the wine – I wouldn’t leave either!
    Love the bright red soup, a great splash of colour for this long winter.

  5. So glad to hear things are finally looking up around there! Corkscrew and wine glasses would be first on my list to unpack!
    When a woman’s kitchen is in order, the rest of the house will soon follow. But the kitchen should definitely come 1st!

  6. Lovely soup – especially since red peppers are on sale here this week!
    Your mari is incredibly handy, being able to fix all those things!! And how absolutely wonderful that you have settled in – really settled in – at last!

  7. Oven out of the box . . . I knew I felt the ground shake last night;) But I don’t think I saw anything about the toaster.
    How can you tell which one of those three contracts is the one that’s working.

  8. Julia, maybe it’s my monitor and not my camera…. Hmmm Try it, it’s easy!
    Susan, the dogs are very happy… so much room to choose from for their naps.
    Sophie, it really does say ‘grilled cheese’, doesn’t it!
    Lien, hard to believe it’s finally been released, isn’t it!
    Cindy, the kitchen is always the most important – the heart!
    Natashya, it’s heaven!
    Peter, soon, as in another year??? At least it’s livable.
    Toni, it is nice to be here. Everything will start falling into place, soon (I hope)
    Tanna, naturally, I couldn’t fix it there….. Yes, I felt the tremor, myself.
    Mimi, sure you don’t want to come and help?