Tuna and White Bean Enchiladas; Unpacking, repacking, unpacking again…. — 19 Comments

  1. Huge, I say, HUGE progress! I’m truly impressed! You talk a lot about what ton mari does to fix the house – what do you do while he’s doing that? Supervise? Get out your tool kit and help out? What?

  2. Your kitchen will be amazing when it is done! What a wonderful space in which to cook! I love your giant serving platters in the photo of your kitchen before you got your island…

  3. You are really coming along there! It seems quick now.
    Love the bathroom – complete with handle!
    Your enchiladas look tasty, I like the tuna in them.
    I am very familiar with the handheld shots after a few glasses of wine..

  4. Ah Katie…a girl after my own heart! I would almost rather have a glass of wine WHILE I am preparing dinner than with the dinner itself. Almost. Actually, I want one glass whilst preparing and one while eating!
    Kitchen is coming along nicely. And thank God for the handle on the bathroom door!

  5. I would never have believed it without the photo! You are going to have a kitchen you can actually cook in AND it’s going to be dreamy looking too! Katie there really is promise here!!

  6. Hi Katie Opened up your blog put it on hold and ran to get my coffee so I could relax and catch up on your Trials and Tribulations and the Wonderful Successes.
    So near eh?
    Hope it is not still too cold. It is so warm here we’re loving. it.

  7. Katie, you are amazing! I love what’s happening to the house! What an incredible transformation… and believe me, I understand what it takes to make this happen. I’ve been through it.
    Your take on enchiladas is fascinating. I never thought of tuna enchiladas, but these are intriguing.
    Hand held under a bare light bulb after a glass of wine? If I tried that, you’d only see a blur! (My lens isn’t very fast).

  8. Katie, Love the kitchen so far. I’m looking forward to seeing what you do with cabinets etc. This is such a wonderful evolving story and so glad you are sharing it with us.

  9. Watching this renovation has been really thrilling! One day we will have to remodel our own house, and this is very inspiring.

  10. I guess this is a very thrilling AND tiring time of your life! I am very excited to see what you’ll be cooking on that gorgeous stove …

  11. I have a magnet on my fridge that says: “I like to cook with wine…sometimes I even put it in the food.”
    It looks like things are shaping up around there. I love that pot rack…and I think I’ll make those enchiladas for supper.

  12. Zoomie, I sit on my throne and dictate. Sometimes, I scrub and scour and strip wallpaper and grout and lay tiles and unpack and organize and draw plans and do laundry and cook…. but not often.
    Ruth, me too! As soon as I figure out how to use it.
    Lulu, I’ll tell mon mari – he’s made a few for our friends, too.
    Thanks, Val, yes, there is progress!
    Henhouse, thanks, I can see it in my mind’s eye…
    Cindy, that’s how it’s supposed to work… 1 cooking, 1 eating…. and sometimes 1 for after… (I’m so bad!)
    Tanna, isn’t photo shop fantastic ;-))
    Natashya, one can get to be, um, too creative with the help of the wine…
    Hi Gilli, so near and yet… Yes, it’s warming up. and our house is warmer as well!
    Toni, the enchiladas had to be made with out pre-cooking…. Thanks, I know you understand :-))
    Penny, I have to get busy and get my cabinet drawings finished….
    Perky Skeptic, you have my empathy…. for the remodel…
    Gorel, isn’t it pretty!!!!
    Meredith, woman after my own heart…. Glad you liked the enchiladas!!!

  13. Just wanted to say that we tried your enchiladas last night–my French husband had never heard of them–and they were a real success! Thanks so much for the recipe and for inspiring me to try and broaden my husband’s culinary palette!

  14. We are renovating our place too. It can be so frusutrating along the way, waiting for the job to be completed and fixing all those things that aren’t quite right. But at the end there is a real feeling of satisfaction and acheivement. Will be watching to see how it turns out. Good luck !